Barney Stinson’s Return Makes the HIMYF S2 Premiere Legendary! 

How I Met Your Father is back on Hulu and the season 2 premiere features a legendary surprise for us: the ‘first’ appearance of Neil Patrick Harris as the iconic Barney Stinson in the series. 

Neil Patrick Harris is best known for playing the role of Barney Stinson in the iconic sitcom, How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014). How I Met Your Father is a spin-off of HIMYM, and features a new character, Sophie, as she narrates to her son the events of how she met his father. 

The series follows the same format as HIMYM, where Ted Mosby recalls the events of how he met their mother to his children. The season 1 finale of HIMYF featured a major cameo by Cobie Smulders, who reprised the role of Robin Scherbatsky from the original series. 

Barney Stinson’s Return Makes the HIMYM S2 Premiere Legendary!
Cobie Smulders in HIMYF season 1 finale

Rumors have been suggesting for long that subsequent seasons of the series would include more cameos by the stars of HIMYM, and the makers did not disappoint! Ahead of the season 2 premiere, HIMYF star Hillary Duff had also teased the appearance of a returning star in her interview with Good Morning America. Check out her statement here- 

“I think I might lose my job if I told you who, we do have a special guest from the original cast coming this season.”

Hillary Duff

Now that the season 2 premiere is streaming on Hulu, we know who Duff was referring to. The season 2 premiere features the first appearance of Neil Patrick Harris as the legen-wait-for-it-dary Barney Stinson from HIMYM. We say ‘first’ as it has been confirmed that Barney will have a major role to play this season, so it is definitely not his only appearance in the series. 

The season 2 premiere begins as present-day Sophie begins narrating the story of how she hit ‘rock-bottom’ to her son. We cut to the 2022 timeline, where we see a tense Sophie driving her car while desperately trying to reach her mom on the phone. 

The reason behind this is hilarious: Sophie thinks she might be dating her dad! In the chaos, Sophie ends up bumping into another car, which belonged to none other than Barney Stinson. Here’s an easter egg for all my fellow HIMYM fans: notice Barney’s car license plate, it’s LGNDRY! 

Barney Stinson appears in his most iconic avatar, wearing a suit. He gets off the car and goes “dude!” as the bumper of his car breaks down. That’s all we get of our beloved Barney as of now, but he’ll surely be back for more. 

Previously, Cobie Smulders’ return as Robin played a significant part in the series, as Robin gave Sophie some very important advice about how to deal with relationships. Now that the makers of HIMYF have confirmed that Barney will have a major role in season 2, he sure will have something more to contribute than just being a token of nostalgia. 

Barney Stinson’s Return Makes the HIMYM S2 Premiere Legendary!
Barney and Robin in HIMYM

We will most likely also find out what Barney is up to years after the HIMYM finale. Going by the timeline, Barney and Robin have already divorced each other, and he is now bringing up his daughter who we saw as a new-born in the HIMYM finale. Robin’s appearance in the HIMYM season 1 finale also confirmed that she’s now divorced, which means Barney might be a single dad, or perhaps with someone!

Let’s hope we get to see more of Barney this season, and a lot of our questions about HIMYM are also answered! 

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About How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father (HIMYF) is a spinoff series of the incredibly successful CBS show, How I Met Your Mother. The original show ran for nine seasons, from 2005 to 2014, quickly making its mark with a dedicated cult-like fanbase.

HIMYF was announced to start production in April 2021 with the Lizzy McGuire star Hilary Duff playing the lead called Sophie, narrating her journey to her children in the future.

The show’s flashbacks will start from Sophie and her close friends navigating love, life and struggles in the modern era of dating, paying bills and more, in 2021.

Created by writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger of This Is Us fame and directed by the original show’s director, Pamela Fryman, the first season of HIMYF is revealed to have 10 episodes. No further details have yet been released.

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