‘My Isekai Life’ Anime Previews a Slime-Filled ED Theme Before July Debut

Riding high on that slime anime wave? My Isekai Life is another series that can add to your gooey list.

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Starting out with the classic nonconsensual transportation of the protagonist into a different world, this anime goes one step further to hinder every plan of the MC. All the guy wants is to kill himself, but it seems like the series is truly against his wishes.

The My Isekai Life anime is all set to premiere in July 2022 with an overpowered protagonist who never really wanted the high-strung life.

Ith its latest promotional video, the anime has previewed its ending theme, “Gohan da yo! Dadadadan!!,” by the voice actor unit, Surachanzu△.

The second PV of the TV anime “My Isekai Life” [Started broadcasting in July 2022]

This cute video has everything you can ask for from an isekai series, a pretty girl companion, tons of comedy, unending slimes, and a cynical hero.

‘My Isekai Life’ Anime Previews a Slime-Filled ED Theme Before July Debut
My Isekai Life | Source: Crunchyroll

Yuuji unexpectedly tamed slimes, and now he is their lord almighty. I promise these are the cutest slimes you have ever seen, and together, they can fight any big bad monster.

The ending theme is actually sung by the six cast members of the anime who voice slimes. Non Stop Rabbit, a rock band, will perform the anime’s opening theme.

Yuuji will gather a lot of power as soon as he steps into the isekai world, but power without recognition is a dangerous thing. He has to figure out how to use his powers properly because monsters will not wait for him to master his strengths before attacking.

About My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life is a light novel series by Shinkoshoto and Huka Kazabana. The light novel started serialization in 2017 and has a manga adaptation. It is also inspiring an anime.

Yuji is an overworked employee at a black company. One day he wakes up in another world where he learns magical abilities one after another. A new chapter in his life is about to begin as he he tames slimes and defeats monsters.

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