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My Hero Academia Reveals Why Tomura Shigaraki Wears Hands

Recent events of My Hero Academia’s manga revolve around the villain arc. Shigaraki is doubtlessly the focus character of this arc since he is, after all, the leader of the league of villains. We already know that he is as deadly as a nemesis. Do you know the reason behind the clumsy hands all over his body? Why does he wear hands all over his body? My Hero Academia will get to have a longtime question answered: Why does Tomura Shigaraki wear those hands all over his body?

The previous two chapters of My Hero Academia reveal the story of Tenko’s abusive childhood. That horrific night, his powers manifested and destroyed his family. However, chapter 237 of the manga reveals the full transformation of Tenko Shimura into Tomura Shigaraki.

The earliest fan theory turns out to be the answer to it – Shigaraki wears the hands of his dead family all over his body. Specifically, the hands belong to Tenko’s sister Hana, his grandmother, mother and father, whom he destroyed with his quirk when it first manifested. Besides this All For One added two more hands of the first two victims of Shigaraki’s rage.

There is one more revelation about why he wears hands. It’s because of All For One wants to remind him of the power of the hunger to kill. To remind him that his blood lust is what truly makes him “Tomura Shigaraki”. Here is some official wording from the All For One manga- “I always want you to keep them close to you…”. All For One says as he watches Tomura’s first kill. “…So that those feelings never fade. His family’s hands will restrain him… keep him in check… with his memories locked away, it’s only his unstable emotions that float to the surface. And that unease… Look he’s keeping his own quirk in check subconsciously.”

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