The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!

Are you ready to get your timeline on point and become a true MHA expert? The series can be confusing with no exact years given by the mastermind behind it all, Kohei Horikoshi. But don’t worry; I’ve got your back.

By piecing together all the hints and clues throughout My Hero Academia, I am confident that the current events we’re witnessing in the show are taking place in the mid-2100s.

I’ve scoured the series for all the hints and clues to provide a comprehensive list of the significant events and arcs in MHA. So, buckle up; it’s time to take a deep dive into the timeline and emerge as the ultimate MHA fan!


The given dates are based on speculation and may be subject to change.

“T” represents the year the series starts and is assumed to be the mid to late 2100s.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from My Hero Academia (Anime and Manga).

1. T-200: The Awakening of Quirks

A shining baby was born in Qing Qing City, China, and it became the first human to possess a unique ability, which we now call a Quirk.

I. The Emergence of All For One

About a decade later, All For One and his younger brother Yoichi Shigaraki were born. AFO discovered his abilities somewhere in his late 20s.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
One For All – My Hero Academia | Source: Fandom

II. AFO Began His Revolution

AFO gained a devoted following through his ability to transfer Meta Abilities. He claimed to balance society but built a loyal group to serve him.

III. The Emergence of One For All

AFO forcibly gave an ability to Yoichi, who was previously thought to be quirkless. Yoichi realized he had a Meta Ability to transfer his skills and consciousness to others, forming the “One for All” Quirk.

2. T-33: All Might’s Origin

Toshinori Yagi met Nana Shimura and received One for All from her. Later on, witnessing Nana’s death, he fled to America for college.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
One For All – My Hero Academia | Source: Fandom

Upon his return to Japan, he became the hero “All Might,” inspiring many and reducing crime to below 6%.

3. T-15: Birth of Izuku Midoriya

Midoriya, Shoto, Bakugo, and all his classmates were born during this period. A few years after Shoto’s Quirk manifested, Endeavor subjected him to harsh training, even physically abusing him in sparring.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
My Hero Academia School Briefs | Source: Fandom

He became increasingly abusive towards his wife and neglectful of his other children as he obsessed over surpassing All Might. 

Meanwhile, AFO and Garaki opened an orphanage for children with dangerous quirks to serve as vessels for All for One.

4. T-5: All Might vs. All For One

All Might and All for One engaged in a catastrophic battle, resulting in serious harm for both.

All Might underwent multiple surgeries and had to limit his superhero duties, while All for One rebuilt himself using his collection of quirks. He began plotting against All Might and his ideals.

Three years later, Eri’s Quirk unintentionally caused her to erase her father from existence. Her mother left her with her grandfather, the leader of the Shie Hassaikai. Meanwhile, Himiko Toga joined the League of Villains.

5. T: Start of the Series – Midoriya Meets All Might

Midoriya was offered One for All by All Might during the Sludge Villain attack on 6 Apr. On February 26, 10 months later, Midoriya acquired One for All by consuming All Might’s hair.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
All Might and Deku | Source: Fandom

I. Entrance Exam Arc (26 Feb)

Midoriya used One for All for the first time to save Uraraka from a massive robot, risking his own life and earning 60 Rescue Points. This resulted in his acceptance into U.A. despite his lack of Villain Points.

II. Quirk Apprehension Test Arc (11 Apr)

Midoriya channeled OFA into his finger during the last second of contact while throwing the ball, breaking it but sending it to a great distance. Due to the risk of using OFA, ball throw was the only event in which he placed first.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Bakugo | Source: Fandom

6. T+1: Academic Term – Spring

I. Battle Trial Arc and USJ Arc (13 Apr)

The lunchroom at U.A. was thrown into chaos as the campus got infiltrated, falsely believed to be by the press, but the League of Villains were led by Shigaraki, attempting to kill All Might.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Kurogiri traps All Might | Source: Fandom

All Might fiercely fought back and, with 300 rapid punches, defeated the Nomu and saved the day at the USJ.

II. Sports Festival Arc (2 May)

Midoriya challenged Shoto for not fully utilizing his Quirk, reminding him it belonged to him and not his father. This caused Shoto to break his self-promise and defeat Midoriya in combat. Shoto earned Second Place, while Tokoyami and Ida tied for Third Place.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Crowd cheering | Source: Fandom

A frustrated Bakugo was reluctantly awarded First Place. Shoto then visited his mother after a decade-long estrangement, leading to a reconciliation between the two.

III. Hero Killer Arc (9 May)

Izuku was offered an internship by Gran Torino, who warned him of idolizing All Might too much and having a flawed perspective on One for All. The Hero Killer, Stain, came across the forming League of Villains and joined forces to attack Hosu.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Deku and Tenya defeat Stain | Source: Fandom

To avoid consequences for violently using their Quirks to apprehend a criminal, Izuku, Tenya, and Shoto agreed to let Endeavor take the credit for defeating Stain.

IV. Final Exams Arc (27 Jun)

Giran searched out Toga and Dabi to join the League of Villains. Shuichi Iguchi, Kenji Hikiishi, Mustard, Moonfish, and Atsuhiro Sako decided to become members of the League. AFO freed Goto Imasuji from prison, who also joined the League of Villains.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Studying | Source: Fandom

7. T+1: Summer Break

I. MHA: Two Heroes (20 Jul)

All Might agreed to visit I-Island, an independent quirk research center, at the invitation of David and brought Midoriya along. The two heroes teamed up for the first and last time, defeating the enhanced Wolfram and destroying the Quirk-enhancing device and Full Gauntlet.

II. School Trip Arc (15 Aug)

Classes 1-A and 1-B embarked on a mountain training camp run by the Wild Wild Pussycats. During the camp, the students successfully rescued Tokoyami from being abducted. However, Bakugo was captured by the League of Villains.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Wild wild pussycats | Source: Fandom

III. Hideout Raid Arc (22 Aug)

While visiting Midoriya at the hospital, Kirishima planned a covert rescue of Bakugo from the League of Villains. Midoriya, Momo, Eijiro, Shoto, and Tenya joined the effort. 

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
All Might vs. AFO | Source: Fandom

Also, the HPSC ordered Hawks to infiltrate the League.

IV. Hero License Exam Arc (5 Sept)

Aizawa stated that the class, except for four unaware students, lost the trust of their teachers for breaking school rules during the Bakugo rescue. They must regain their confidence by working for it.

8. T+1: Academic Term – Fall

I. Shie Hassaikai Arc (16 Sept)

Overhaul was taken to the League of Villains’ hideout by Twice. Uraraka and Asui joined the Ryukyu Agency with Hado. 

Midoriya discovered that Eri could reverse the damage done to his body while using One for All at full power.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Overhaul and Eri | Source: Fandom

After being defeated, Chisaki’s prison wagon was stopped by the League of Assassins, and he was left quirkless, without arms.

II. Culture Festival Arc (5 Oct)

U.A. successfully held the cultural fest. Midoriya showed Eri a candy apple he made himself, using food coloring borrowed from Sato, as no one else sold them during the festival. 

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Eri and Deku | Source: Fandom

III. Pro Hero Arc (26 Nov)

Eri became a student under the care of the U.A., with Aizawa leading her power development. Fuyumi and Natsuo also visit their mother and are shocked that Rei is still too scared to meet them face-to-face.

IV. Joint Training Arc (30 Nov)

Eri felt guilty for the trouble her power had caused, and Shinso’s strong performance led teachers to approve his transfer to the hero course, where Nezu offered to handle the paperwork.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Class 1B | Source: Fandom

V. Nabu Island Arc/Heroes: Rising (Nov – Dec)

After All Might’s retirement, the Hero Public Safety Commission launched a new program for students to gain Hero experience by working in low-crime areas. Class 1-A was sent to Nabu Island, a peaceful place with no crime for 30 years.

9. T+2: Academic Term – Winter

I. Meta Liberation Army Arc (4 Dec)

Tomura regained his memories, including the abuse from his father and the joy of destroying him. He caused a massive shockwave of destruction, reducing much of the city to ashes.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Tomura | Source: Fandom

Gigantomachia saw the power and joy in Tomura’s actions and recognized him as a worthy heir to All for One.

II. Endeavor Agency Arc (1 Jan)

The MLA concealed the Deika City incident as a terror attack to harm public trust in heroes. Midoriya and Bakugo agreed to work with Endeavor, who trained them to be better heroes.

Bakugo improved significantly, Todoroki’s speed increased, and Midoriya became skilled with Blackwhip.

III. World Heroes’ Mission (9 Jan)

Humarise believed the death of millions, including those with quirks, was necessary to save quirkless individuals. 

Chemical enhancement led to overpowered Quirks causing destruction and a high death toll. After the tragedy, Humarise took credit for the bombing.

IV. Paranormal Liberation War Arc (9 Jan)

Eri trained to control her powers by restoring the legs of lizards and insects and successfully restored Mirio’s Quirk after two months. Heroes received secret intel and confronted the Paranormal Liberation Front, leading to an all-out war.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Source: Fandom

10. T+3: Dark Hero Arc (April)

Deku faced assassin Lady Nagant sent by All For One to capture him. He used Fa Jin for the first time.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Deku fighting | Source: Fandom

U.A. implemented a secure fortress-like barrier, and All Might requested help from international heroes. Star and Stripe from America came to assist them.

11. T+3: Star and stripe Arc (May)

Star and Stripe, America’s No. 1 Pro Hero, led an army of fighter jets toward the Japanese Heroes but was confronted by Tomura Shigaraki riding a flying Nomu. Star and Stripe’s Quirk, “New Order,” allowed her to declare new rules by touching and naming objects.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Star and Stripe | Source: Fandom

However, Tomura successfully touched her face and used his Decay power to steal New Order. But before he could use it, he exploded from the inside. 

After hearing of Star and Stripe’s death, the world nations withdrew their plans to aid Japan.

12. T+3: U.A. Traitor Arc (May)

The identity of the “U.A. Traitor” was revealed to be Yuga Aoyama. Born Quirkless, his wealthy parents made a deal with All For One to give him the Navel Laser Quirk.

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Yuga | Source: Fandom

Spinner reluctantly agreed to lead the Paranormal Liberation Front, and Nezu announced that Tomura’s completion was in 4 days. Class 1-A prepared by moving into a makeshift fortress, “Troy.”

13. T+3: Final War Arc (May)

Class 1-A is informed of the plans for the “Final War” by All Might, Tsukauchi, and Nezu. Hitoshi Shinso’s Brainwashing Quirk will brainwash the Aoyama Family and lure All For One to a specific location. 

The My Hero Academia: Complete Timeline Explained!
Heroes assembled | Source: Fandom

Toya, who survived his “death,” was rescued by All For One and Garaki and raised as a “spare vessel.” Deku uses Gearshift to power two new Ultimate Moves. All For One fails to warp to his main self, and Deku throws Tomura outside U.A. as they prepare for a ground battle.

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14. About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters additionally collected in 37 tankōbon volumes as of February 2023.

It follows a quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya and how he backed the greatest Hero alive. Midoriya, a boy who has been admiring heroes and their ventures since the day he was born, came into this world without a quirk, where almost everybody is born with one.

On one fateful day, he meets All Might the greatest Hero of all time and discovers that he was quirkless as well. With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to impress All Might. He is chosen to be the heir to the power of One for All.


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