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My Hero Academia Chapter 261 – Date, Leaks, Raw Scans, Where To Read & Story Updates

Boku no Hero Academia recently released the 260th chapter of the series, titled “Life’s Work.” This chapter shows Endeavor leading the raid on the hospital where Daruma Ujiko (Maruta Shiga) is residing.

1. Chapter 261 Release Date

The next chapter of the series will be released on 16th February. Chapter 261 will most likely show us other scenes of the raid all over the country or the continuation of Shiga’s capture.

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2. Chapter 261 Speculation

Chapter 261 will most likely show us Shiga’s attempt to escape from the grasp of the heroes, though, with Endeavor around, it will be a hard task. We may get scenes from raids on other bases as well.

3. Chapter 261 Raw Scans

Boku no Hero Academia chapter 261 raw scans were released on 13th February. The upcoming chapter will show a slew of high-end talking Nomus come out of their sleep to take down the Heroes. The chapter also reveals that the manga will be on hiatus next week.

4. Chapter 260, “Life’s Work” Plot

The chapter starts with Endeavor apprehending Maruta Shiga. After his quirk is wiped out by Eraserhead, Maruta ages very fast, which makes the heroes wonder if this is the same quirk used for Nomu’s Hyper-Regeneration. Unaware of his crimes, the hospital staff try to defend Maruta but are quickly moved aside by Endeavor. 

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During the evacuation of the hospital, a Nomu with drill bits attached to it comes out of the ground, impaling Maruta. It turns out, by using Twice’s quirk, Maruta had been making a clone to do all his biddings.

At the same time, he focused on his master project – Tomura Shigaraki. Eraserhead’s quirk’s limits are hinted here as it turns out he cannot erase the Double quirk.

Mirko quickly tracks down Maruta’s lab, where he experiments and stores quirks…and bursts through the wall destroying his life’s work. The chapter ends the same way as chapter 259, with Maruta being shocked about the heroes approaching him.

5. Where To Read Boku no Hero Academia

Kōhei Horikoshi’s Boku no Hero Academia is currently published under Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. We recommend you to buy the manga/books and read from official sources only. #SAYNOTOPIRACY

For cheaper options, you can buy the monthly subscription to Shonen Jump. The subscription will cost $1.99/month and give you access to approximately 10,000+ chapters, which is not a bad deal at all.

You can also buy Boku no Hero Academia volume 25. ‘Coz nothing beats the feel of a book in hand.

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6. About Boku no Hero Academia:

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is the story of a quirkless boy Izuku Midoriya and how he backed the greatest Hero alive.

Midoriya, a boy who has been admiring heroes and their ventures since the day he was born, came into this world without a quirk. On one fateful day, he meets All Might the greatest Hero of all time and discovers that he was quirkless as well.

With his diligent attitude and unwavering spirit about being a hero, Midoriya manages to impress All Might and is chosen to be the heir to the power of One for All. Upon inheriting, he gets access to all the abilities of the No 1 hero.

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