Mother Of The Bride Trailer: First Love Deserves Second Chance at Romance

The director of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls returns with Mother of the Bride, featuring Brooke Shields as the mother and Miranda Cosgrove as the bride. Netflix has released the trailer of the upcoming original romantic comedy directed by Mark Waters and written by Robin Bernheim.

With Shields and Cosgrove as the leading ladies in the movie, the trailer features how the mother and the bride prepare for the latter’s big day. Before we get more into the plot and what the trailer revealed, take a look at it:

Mother of the Bride | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lana (Brooke Shields), already stressed about having the perfect wedding for her daughter, encounters a ghost from her past. Discovering that the man her daughter is marrying is the son of her old flame does not seem fun, but it is what it is.

Now reunited with her old college sweetheart Will (Benjamin Bratt), Lana is forced to spend time together with him because of their children’s wedding preparations. Emma (Miranda Cosgrove) and RJ (Sean Teale) are just as concerned as everyone as they watch Lana and Will walk on eggshells around each other.

Mother Of The Bride Trailer: First Love Deserves Second Chance At Romance
Lana and Will | Source: Twitter

The new trailer reveals many awkward interactions, featuring our duo trudging on a difficult path to avoid accidentally stepping on a landmine of their own baggage. However, it is hard to spend so much time together and not be reminded of what was lost in the past. Long-heartbroken Lana does her best to move on, but will she get closure?

Emma’s words are a loving reminder to her mother, who will need them sooner or later, “It’s time to take care of me a bit less and take care of yourself a bit more. I just want you to be happy.” The Mother Of The Bride is going to stream on May 9 on Netflix

Source: Twitter

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