Aesthetic Meets Fantasy Adventure in Misaki no Mayoiga Film’s New Trailer!

Misaki no Mayoiga, the upcoming anime movie, will serve as a refuge to its characters as well as the aching hearts of its viewers. 

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The characters in the film are strangers to each other, yet when danger strikes, they find a second family in a secluded communal house or Mayoiga.

Little did they know that this mysterious sanctuary will spirit them away to experience the most fantastical creatures and adventures ever!

The Abandoned House by the Cape or Misagi no Mayoiga anime film is set to premiere on 27th August. A brand-new trailer has been released for the upcoming movie.


The three residents of the Mayoiga are introduced in the PV. Yui, a 17-year old girl, Hiyori, a young girl whose speaking ability was snatched away by traumatic incidents, and Kiwa, the old lady of the Mayoiga who shelters the two girls. 

All three of them lead blissful lives while healing the trauma from their past surrounded by Iwate’s greenery. And then fantasy creatures like yokai and kappa threaten their lives to ruin their peace. 

Although the movie is inspired by Sachiko Kashiwaba’s novel, it seems to have added numerous original elements. 

A new visual also depicts the sweet bond between the three people who have become a family.

/ Main visual release \


Yui: #Ashida Mana 

Hiyori: #Saki Awano 

Kiwa: #Shinobu Otake 


Original: #Sachiko Kashiwaba 

Director: #Shinya Kawatsura 

Screenplay: #Reiko Yoshida 

Character design draft: #Kamogawa 

Music: #Yuri Miyauchi 

Theme song: # Hitsujibungaku “Mayoiga”

Production: david production #Cape Mayoiga 

English Translation, Twiiter Translate

The main cast members of the movie have been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
YuiMana AshidaRuka Azumi (Children of the Sea)
HiyoriAwano Sari
KiwaShinobu OtakeNikuko (Gyoko no Nikuko-chan)
Kappa of KochizigawaTakuya Tasso

Staff members of the movie were previously revealed with the first trailer.

“Mayoiga,” the movie’s theme song by Hitsujibungaku, is also previewed in the trailer. In addition, the soundtrack CD will be released on 25th August with 34 songs at $29.88 (3,300 yen).

Aesthetic Meets Fantasy Adventure in Misaki no Mayoiga Film’s New Trailer!
Misaki no Mayoiga | Source: Fandom
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The trailer has almost convinced me to go in search of a secluded house and find my own fantasy land. The original novel has won the 2016 Noma Award for Juvenile Fiction, and it’s no surprise that the plot is so elaborate and beautiful.

I, on my part, love such stories and can’t wait for the film to be available for streaming!

About Misaki no Mayoiga

Misaki no Mayoiga is an original novel by Sachiko Kashiwaba won the 2016 Noma Award for Juvenile Fiction. David Productions is animating an anime film based on the novel

The story revolves around 17-year-old Moeka, who lost her parents, and Yurie, seeking to escape her violent husband, got off at a Kitsunezaki station one day.

The great earthquake and tsunami had changed their destinies. Their lives were saved, but they were perplexed when asked about their identities at an evacuation site.

Source: Official Website

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