Mika’s character demo released by Genshin Impact developers

Genshin Impact has been notoriously plagued by leaks for quite a while now with the developers Hoyoverse seeking legal suit against leakers.

Recently, in a blog post as well as in a YouTube video, developers released the character demo to Mika, who is a Front-Line Land Surveyor of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company.

The YouTube video serves as a premise for what’s expected of the character, while the blog post goes into more detail about the abilities and utilities of the players and how they translate in-game.

In short, he is a young knight born into an ordinary family. He belongs to the Schmidt family, the second child, and is Huffman’s younger brother.

Mika’s character demo released by Genshin Impact developers Hoyoverse
Cover picture for Mika’s announcement

He is more or less unknown even though the updated version of the military maps is the “fruit of his labors” as he spent two years traveling all across Moonstadt.

Voiced by Robb Moreira in English and Sanpei Yuko in Japanese, Mika has been described to be a low-key and cautious character. He belongs to the Palumbus constellation celebrating his birthday on August 11th and yields the Polearm as his weapon.

According to the blog it’s said that he finds it most convenient to fight using both the lance and crossbow at the same time. He is very introverted, as it’s told, he avoids drawing attention to others.

Mika’s character demo released by Genshin Impact developers Hoyoverse
Personal Information on Mika

Going into the technicalities:

  1.  he is a supporting character with a Cryo vision, boosting “the party’s combat capabilities and healing his teammates.”
  2. Elemental Skill increases the ATK SPD of all active characters.
  3. Passive Talent strengthens based on the number of enemies hit, allowing teammates to get a Physical DMG Bonus
  4. Elemental Burst restores HP for all nearby party members.
  5. Active character hitting an opponent with Normal Attack is helped to regenerate HP once.

His attacking styles include the Normal attack with combos of up to five strikes alternating between crossbow and polearm and a Charged Attack wherein he lunges forward and damages enemies along the way.

His talents include the Starfrost Swirl, using his crossbow to attack. This gives all characters in the party the Soulwind state which increases their ATK SPD.

Another specialty is the Skyfeather Song wherein he spurs his teammates on from the recited prayers of the knightly order. This regenerates HP for all nearby party members. It is noted that the healing is based on Mika’s MAX HP and grants them the Eagleplume state.

As for the Eagleplume state, when characters in this state attack using a Normal attack on an opponent, their HP is regenerated once per short interval.

His passive talent includes that the Soulwind state caused by the Starfrost Swirl grants the Detector Effect, taking Physical DMG to 110% on field.

Mika’s character demo released by Genshin Impact developers Hoyoverse
Ascension requirements for Mika

The Soulwind state can have a maximum of 3 Detector stacks, and a new Starfrost Swirl will clear all previous Detector Stacks and Soulwind state.

A very useful character has been introduced, by the developers, who clearly has a lot to offer. It will be interesting to see in the future how the players utilize such a character.

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