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Pony Canyon Reveals Anime and Manga Series for ‘Mecha-Ude’

Sae Okamoto’s Mecha-Ude anime triggered a wave of excitement among mecha fans in 2018. The only downside was that we only got one episode as it was an ONA.

Since then, people have been anticipating the franchise’s return, and after four long years, our manifestations have paid off.

Pony Canyon has revealed that Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms will receive a full-fledged TV anime series with a total of 12 episodes.

The first key visual for the anime features Hikaru, Aki, Egris, Jun, and Tohdoh, with some new characters who’ll debut in the series. TriF Studio is in charge of the production and has already started working on it.

As for the plot, it might pick up right where they left off in the ONA. The episode didn’t have much to it, but it set up a great premise for the upcoming series.

Moreover, Yoshino Koyoka will begin serializing a weekly manga adaptation on the LINE Manga platform and ebookjapan services. It will include three free chapters every Thursday.

Free up to 3 episodes] “Mecha Ude” manga version, which has been decided to be a full-fledged anime series, is now serialized!

“A slapstick battle story weaved by charming characters called Mechaude and Mechaude users”

Serialized on LINE Manga →

#mechaude #mechaude

English Translation, Twitter Translate

In the ONA, we witnessed an epic fight between Hikaru and Jun, with the former overwhelming his opponent and unlocking Alma’s potential. Fans learned that Alma is the Tigger Arm who can give its wielder unlimited power, in this case, Hikaru.

Despite Hikaru being annoyed at ARMS and their strict protocols, he decided to join Aki and fight back for his and others’ safety. However, this didn’t mean Hikaru would stop complaining about his lack of ‘me time’ due to being the Trigger Arm’s wielder.

Additionally, TriF Studio shared a 12-minute behind-the-scenes video that teases the anime and shows the work that goes into making it.

【メカウデ 本格アニメ化決定!】TriFスタジオ紹介ムービー「オリジナルアニメへの挑戦」
[Mecha Ude full-scale animation decision! ] TriF studio introduction movie “Challenge to original animation”

The video also includes comments from Sae Okamoto, the animation producer Shūichi Asō and more staff. It also profiles the whole studio and their work but majorly focuses on Mecha-Ude’s production.

After seeing that BTS video from TriF, my excitement has reached a new high, and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. The amount of effort that is going in proves that the anime will be topping the charts upon its release.

I hope the staff announces a release date soon.

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About Mecha-Ude

Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms is project by Sae Okamoto. An ONA episdoe based on it was released in Septmber 2018 and the project has announced a full-fledged anime series and manga adaptation.

It is set in a world where alien lifeforms came to Earth and fused with humans. Due to their appearance, the aliens were called ‘Mecha-Ude’ as they looked like mechanical limbs. The story begins when an average teenager, Hikaru Amatsuga fuses with the rare and special Mecha-Ude called Alma or the Trigger Arm.

Given its special status, ARMS assigns Aki to protect Alma. Soon trouble follows them when Aki’s life is put in danger and Hikaru is forced to fight.

Source: Mecha-Ude’s Official Website

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