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Magical Warfare Season 2: Release Info, Visuals, Staff, Updates

As the name suggests, Mahou Senshou or Magical Warfare is an anime that adopts magical themes, resembling with other shows like ‘Little Witch Academia.’ What makes it more amazing is the stylish animation and some twists, turns, and adventures, which makes it a good watch.

The first season ended in March 2014 with a total of 12 episodes, and fans have been waiting for the news of a new season. Throughout the article, we will discuss the prospects of the second season and other interesting aspects.

1. Release Date Of Season 2

The production team for ‘Magical Warfare Season 2’ hasn’t spoken anything as of now. No announcement has been made regarding a new release date. But the renewal status of a new season isn’t looking good.

Magical Warfare Season 2 Updates
Magical Warfare | Source: Fandom

The anime series was made by one of the most successful studios of all time – Madhouse, so the anime got instant recognition and was popular in no time. But later on, it turned out as a ‘mediocre’ show, garnering a massive set of mixed reviews.

So the question should be ‘will there be a new season’ instead of ‘when is the second season happening.’

2. Will There Be A Second Season?

To put it in simple words, the chances are quite low, and things didn’t work out in favour of Madhouse in the first season, so there’s no profit or motivation to make another one.

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It became popular because the renowned studio made it, and people were already aware of their masterpieces, so they came in with high expectations only to meet with a certain amount of disappointment.

Moreover, it has been more than six long years, and if the studio wanted to move towards a new season, they would have done it a long time ago. In all, the prospects of a new season happening are very slim, and even the author knows that.

3. Theory Section

In an interview hosted by Shinbashi, an editor at MF Bunko, the label that publishes Magical Warfare, Hisashi Suzuki said that ‘he feels like he has been jabbed with a bamboo sword’ when someone asked about how he felt, that his light novel series is being adapted into an anime series.

Magical Warfare Season 2 Updates
Eterna | Source: Pinterest

The author certainly looked unhappy, and a few things were uncalled for. Later on in the interview, he also stated, ‘I think there are other good works. Don’t do it.’

(a) The Studio

Madhouse is recognized as one of the pioneers in the anime industry. They are known for their stunning art and stylish animation, which resonates with the project they are working on.

Known for fantastic anime like ‘Death Note,’ ‘HunterxHunter,’ ‘One-Punch Man,’ ‘Monster,’ ‘Hajime no Ippo’, and many more.

(b) The Animation

The color palettes used here are dull, flat, and depressed as to give a particular atmosphere to the show, which is depressing to watch; the fighting sequences are pretty good though.

Mahou Sensou「AMV」- Destiny
Mahou Sensou AMV

Madhouse tried, but the artwork came as more stylish and rad than appealing and enjoyable.

(c) Is Magical Warfare Worth It?

Magical Warfare comes as more innocent and less thoughtful. It’s terrible but it won’t make you angry or anything like that. One can ridiculously laugh their heart out on how cliche and lowkey abhorrent the plot and show altogether is. But is it watchable?

No, it isn’t. There is nothing you gain from the experience of watching this disaster. Everything about it reeks of being poor and distasteful. Still, if you have time to pass, an over the top cliched transcendental experience awaits you.

(d) About Hisashi Suzuki

Hisashi Suzuki is the man behind the fantasy light novel series based on magic and girls ‘Magical Warfare’. Currently, there are a total of twelve volumes.

Hisashi Suzuki isn’t working on anything right now. From little to no information regarding his current whereabouts and stuff, we can only hope that he’s doing fine.

(e) Production Update

As mentioned earlier, there’s a very slim chance of a season two happening. Despite being a bad one, the show managed to garner a small fanbase, and they all are hoping for a new season to release soon. But if it gets renewed, then the second installment won’t drop before Spring 2022.

Madhouse hasn’t officially announced that they will drop the series or such, but it’s been six long years, so the studio might have moved on from the idea. This isn’t the first time, remember Claymore?

4. Key Visual

No key visual for the second installment has been released yet. The story will pick itself up from the seventh volume of the light novel.

Magical Warfare Season 2 Updates
Magical Warfare

5. Teaser/Trailer

No teaser or trailer for the second season has been released yet.

6. Cast and Staff

There won’t be much of a change in cast and staff for the second season of the anime series. The cast and staff for the first season were:

I. Staff

DirectorYuuzou Satou
Series CompositionKazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character DesignRyouma Ebata
MusicMasato Kouda

II. Cast

Nao TouyamaMui Aiba
Asami SetoKurumi Isoshima
Mamoru MiyanoTakeshi Manase
Kenichi SuzumuraKazumi Ida
Mikako TakahashiMomoka Shizou
Atsuko TanakaViolet North

7. About Mahou Senshou

Magical Warfare is a light novel series penned by Hisashi Suzuki and illustrated by Lunalia. Media Factory has published a total of twelve volumes under their MF Bunko label.

On April 15, 2013, a manga adaptation came into place, which was illustrated by You Ibuki in Monthly Comic Genre.

The next year after that, Madhouse adapted the light novel series into an anime television series, covering a total of six volumes, i.e., the first half of LN and that of anime. The first episode aired on  January 9, 2014.

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