Isekai Light Novel Series “Magical Explorer” to Receive an Anime

Another weekend, another isekai adaptation, sigh! A new light novel series called “Magical Explorer” is all set to receive an anime adaptation, and it’s pretty shocking. The light novel series is beyond average, and there is nothing remotely redeemable about this series.

The rate with which the isekai series is being adapted is honestly bizarre. We have had main characters reincarnating as spiders and pigs; everything possible has already been written and adapted.

It’s time for an isekai anime where the MC reincarnates into an erotic game. Here’s all the information we have so far.

The live-streamed “Sneaker Bunko 35th Anniversary Festa!” special announced that Iris and Noboru Kannatsuki’s “Magical Explorer” light novel series is inspiring an anime.

Kannatsuki drew an illustration to celebrate the news and thanked the fans for their continued support.

No further details about the production, such as the cast, the staff, or the release date, have been revealed. As Kannatsuki mentioned in their post, we must wait for further details.

This series isn’t an otome isekai, but given that, it will operate in the same logic where the main character gets reincarnated as someone in a game. However, this time, it’s a gyaru game instead of an otome game.

He tries to go against his role as a side character and land the girls, which is supposed to become a fun adventure. Unfortunately, the series isn’t groundbreaking and doesn’t even manage to execute the elements well.

This series is not worth your time unless you are looking for a trashy white-noise kind of series.

About Magical Explorer

Magical Explorer: Reborn as a Side Character in a Fantasy Dating Sim is a Japanese light novel series written by Iris. The series originated on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in February 2018. An anime adaptation has been announced.

Yen Press describes the story as follows:

Living in a world of Magical★Explorer, the legendary erotic game, sounds like a dream. The problem is, I reincarnated not as the lady-killer protagonist with his overpowered cheat skills but as his unlucky comic-relief best friend!

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