Marvel Calls Madame Web’s Powers ‘Obnoxiously Vague’ Before Her Movie Debut


  • Spider-Verse’s Madam Web’s powers have been criticized by Marvel for being ‘obnoxiously vague.’
  • Spider-Woman #1 tells the saga of the titular character’s personal life and her dynamic with Captain Marvel.

Marvel has called out Madame Web’s ‘obnoxiously vague’ powers just before her live-action debut.

Madame Web has been a regular in the Spiderverse for years, and she will jump into the live-action scenario as part of Sony’s ‘Spider-Verse series. 

In Spider-Woman #1, Madame Web uses her powers to monitor the protagonist, leading to a heated argument between her and Captain Marvel.

In Spider-Woman #1, Steve Foxe and Carola Borelli illustrate the story of Spider-Woman, who is trying to rebuild her life and find her lost son. 

One day, Captain Marvel visits her to ask about her whereabouts. Captain Marvel then sees Madame Web, who warns her that Spider-Woman’s fate is tied to the mysterious “Web of Life,” which can change at any moment.

This annoys Captain Marvel badly as she is tired of Madame Web’s ‘obnoxiously vague’ behavior.

Madame Web is one of the most underrated characters in the Spider-Man family, making her debut in 1980’s Amazing Spider-Man #210. 

Madame Web has an exceptional sixth sense that lets her feel the vibrations of the Web of Life, a cosmic energy that connects all the spider heroes in the Marvel Universe. Her cryptic advice is often visionary and includes vague statements like prophecies. 

Over the years, there have been several incarnations of the character, including Julia Carpenter, the most recent iteration. 

Marvel Calls Madame Web’s Powers ‘Obnoxiously Vague’ Before Her Movie Debut
Spider-Woman | Source: Marvel

Sony Pictures has recently started crafting Spider-Verse films based on the barrage of sidekicks and enemies in the Spider-Verse canon. We have already seen Venom and Morbius on the big screen, and soon we will meet Kraven the Hunter.

However, the most intriguing project is Madame Web, with Dakota Johnson playing the mysterious psychic. Other prominent inclusions include Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor in supporting roles.

Sony has been able to keep the story under wraps quite successfully but has confirmed that Sydney Sweeney will play a variant of Julia Carpenter. 

Since Madame Web’s powers are psychic, they have never been clearly defined. In Spider-Woman #1, Captain Marvel desperately requires the help of Madame Web to assist Spider-Woman. However, all she gets are cryptic and vague statements from the psychic. 

Therefore, Captain Marvel’s frustration with Madame Web is entirely justified and has made fans even more curious ahead of her Sony movie debut. 

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