‘Love Live! Superstar!!’ to Begin Production for Season 3

‘Love Live! Superstar!!’ is by far the best anime series that we’ve received from the ‘Love Live!’ franchise. Besides music and cute visuals, the series presents a story filled with emotions and ambitions, making it more than just another musical anime.

The series’ second season ended with a mesmerizing performance by Leila!, which secured the win for them in the Love Live! nationals. If not for the combined efforts of all nine members, the idol group wouldn’t have reached such great heights of success.

Fans fell in love with the anime and the characters so much that the franchise had to renew ‘Love Live! Superstar!!’ for a third season.

A teaser video recapping the previous seasons has confirmed that season 3 is under production.

ラブライブ!スーパースター!! 最新情報 (2022年10月9日)
lovelive! Superstar!! Latest information (October 9, 2022)

Season 2 primarily focused on Kanon’s dilemma about going to Vienna for further musical studies. Just when the members of Liella! were able to convince Kanon to accept the offer, it got canceled due to Margarete’s interference.

Margarete appeared in front of Kanon wearing Yuigaoka’s uniform, informing the latter about her canceled offer to Vienna. As if this wasn’t enough, Margarete has announced that she’ll be learning from Kanon while being a part of the group.

'Love Live! Superstar!!' to Begin Production for Season 3
Margarete and Kanon | Source: Official Twitter

The teaser video goes on to confirm the third season’s production and reminisces of the times when Kanon got others to join the band. With a personalized song and a desire to fulfill dreams, Kanon was quickly able to convince people and formed the Liella! we know and love.

Since this is a new season, Liella! will be looking out for recruits. The franchise has already placed a casting call for a new member, and applicants can start submitting their entries from November 1.


Love Live! Superstar!! New information

TV animation 3rd season production decision


#Liella 3rd generation cast 1 person

General public audition held

11/1 noon reception start

Announcement video

ラブライブ!スーパースター!! 最新情報 (2022年10月9日)

Audition Overview


Let’s all go to the starry sky for the first time


English Translation, Twitter Translate

The upcoming season will be even more entertaining than the previous ones, all because of the cliffhanger we were left on. What will Kanon do now? Will Margarete become a member too? So many questions and only one way to get the answers.

So naturally, we can’t wait for the premiere.

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About Love Live! Superstar!!

Love Live! Superstar!! is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by Kadokawa Corporation, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise.

An anime television series will premiere on NHK E in July 2021. The tagline for the new anime reads, “Watashi wo Kanaeru Monogatari. Hello!!! Love Live!”

Source: Love Live! Franchise’s Official Twitter Account

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