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Lonely Castle in The Mirror Novel Comes to Life with Anime Adaptation in 2022

Ever wondered what you’d do if you end up in a giant castle with just seven people? Well, you’ll have to watch the anime adaptation of the Lonely Castle in The Mirror novel to find out.

Mizuki Tsujimura’s Lonely Castle in the Mirror novel is getting adapted into an anime movie. The fantasy mystery film will be released in Japan in Winter 2022. Shochiku will work on distribution.

Movie ” #Lonely Castle in the Mirror ” will be made into a theatrical animation! #Mizuki Tsujimura – The long-awaited theatrical animation of the masterpiece of fantasy mystery, which won the 2018 Japan Booksellers’ Award with the highest number of votes in history! Coming this Winter

2022 nationwide release

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Lonely Castle in the Mirror novel was first released in Japan in 2017 and was later released in English in 2021.

The novel was the winner of the Japan Booksellers’ Award as well as a No. 1 bestseller in Japan. It was also one of The Guardian’s 2021 highlight titles. A manga adaptation began in 2019.

Lonely Castle in the Mirror Novel Comes to Life with Anime Adaptation in 2022
Lonely Castle In The Mirror Cover | Source: Penguin Random House

The anime film’s official website introduces its story as:

One day, a mirror in Kokoro’s room suddenly began to glow in front of her eyes, as she had lost her place at school and was confined to her room.

She walked through the shining mirror to find a mysterious castle-like building. There were seven people in a similar situation to Kokoro.

It is said that a secret “key” is hidden in the castle, and whoever finds it will have their wish come true. Why were these seven people gathered together? and where is the key? When everything is revealed, you will be surprised and moved.

Lonely Castle in the Mirror Novel Comes to Life with Anime Adaptation in 2022
Lonely Castle in the Mirror | Source: Crunchyroll

The official website has yet to produce many details such as staff, production company, and cast.

I’m intrigued to know the purpose of these seven people in the anime. What kind of secret does the castle hold?

About Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura that will receive an anime movie adaptation.

The plot revolves around seven teenagers who avoid going to school. They enter a parallel universe where a castle welcomes them. They need to find a specific room where a wish of one of them will be fulfilled. If they want to get out of the castle alive, they need to leave every day by 5 pm or risk getting punished.

Source: Comic Natalie, Official website

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