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‘Lonely Castle in the Mirror’ Film Casts Rookie VA as Protagonist

Loneliness often drives people into recklessness and impromptu decisions. Similarly, seven lonesome teenagers from Tokyo get pulled into a mirror dimension, starting the tale of the Lonely Castle in the Mirror.

Although the story revolves around seven teenagers, it still has a protagonist named Kokoro. Surrounded by a charming yet gloomy aura, Kokoro is also one of the seven kids and has to figure out the various mysteries of the castle.

Given Kokoro’s personality, her role is a tricky one to play, but director Keiichi Hara decided to take a bold step with it. He has cast the rookie voice actor Ami Toma to play Kokoro in the Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime film.

The role will be Toma’s debut in the voice acting and anime industry. If you are skeptical of Toma’s skills, check out this teaser; I guarantee that it will shatter all your doubts.

Movie “Kagami no Kojo” special news video [December 23 (Friday) nationwide release]

As a girl with a wolf mask welcomes the teenagers to the castle in the mirror, Kokoro gives a depressing monologue about unfulfilled wishes. She says no miracle will ever happen to her, right before she’s pulled into the mirror realm.

The wolf-masked girl announces how she can grant a wish to only one of the seven teenagers if they can find the hidden room in the castle. This becomes Kokoro’s only hope of fulfilling her one desire and becoming happy and less lonely in her life.

Additionally, the official website has also unveiled a new visual for the film’s debut on December 23, 2022. It features Kokoro looking at her reflection as the wolf-masked girl peeks at her from the mirror dimension.

Movie “# Kagami no Kojo.”

1st poster lifted

That was the entrance to change my world.

#Mizuki Tsujimura Bookstore Award-Winning Work

Impressive that 1.3 million people cried

Fantasy mystery finally made into a movie

12.23 (Fri.) Published

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The film looks like a perfect watch for our winter holidays as it has the perfect balance of mystery and drama.

Moreover, it has Keiichi Hara as the director, so I’m sure the movie will be top-notch.

About Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura that received an anime movie adaptation in 2022.

The plot revolves around seven teenagers who avoid going to school. They enter a parallel universe where a castle welcomes them. They need to find a specific room where a wish of one of them will be fulfilled. If they want to get out of the castle alive, they need to leave every day by 5 pm or risk getting punished.

Source: Lonely Castle in the Mirror Anime’s Official Website

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