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Digimon Tamers Sequel Story Features A “Political Correctness” Villain

Digimon Tamers is probably the most loved story in the whole Digimon franchise. Any fan of the series would have loved a sequel, but this new story by the original writer may have pushed a few buttons.

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The writer for the anime, Chiaki J. Konaka is known for getting himself into controversies due to his views on sensitive topics.

His belief in conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 and the 9/11 attacks often ended up with him on the receiving end of some negative comments.

His new sequel story seems to have landed him in a similar sandpit.

Digimon Tamers Sequel Story Features a “Political Correctness” Villain
Digimon | Source: Wikipedia

DigiFes 2021 commemorated the 20th anniversary of Digimon Tamers by featuring a live script reading play with the original cast of the anime. 

The story featured several political themes including the main villain of the story, “Political Correctness” who uses an attack called cancel culture. 

In the story, chief Yamaki describes the villainous entity as the greatest problem faced by the internet and media and censors real news to propagate fake news.

Although the heroes aren’t interested at first until the villain takes a physical form and attacks the digital world.

As expected, this storyline has put him in a cesspool of political outrage all across social media. Some angry fans even approached the main staff looking for an apology and retraction. 

Digimon Tamers Sequel Story Features a “Political Correctness” Villain
Digimon Tamers | Source: Crunchyroll

Konaka will release his comments on the situation on 8th August.

Konaka has stated that these situations often inspire him to write fiction and include these real-world themes in his work. The response to this story may just go on to prove his point.

Nobody likes to see their favorite show wrapped up in meaningless controversies. Unfortunately, it seems like anything political would get this response, regardless of the intent.

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Source: DigiFes 2021 Livestream

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