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In the Land of Leadale Anime Receives an Early January Premiere

Isekai anime may get a bit silly with their plots, but the main character’s previous life has always been painful. In the Land of Leadale anime brings a similar protagonist with a backstory that can make you tear up a bit.

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Of course, the sad part fades away in the cool action sequences or the hilariously timed comedy, yet it remains a part of the character.

Cayna also carries a traumatic past with herself, and maybe that’s just the cost of being a super strong entity in an isekai story.

The original light novel and the manga adaptation of the franchise did wonders within the isekai fandom, and now the anime is here to do the same.

In the Land of Leadale isekai anime has announced its January 5, 2022 premiere with a fantastic PV portraying some mesmerizing visuals of Leadale.

The second PV of the TV anime “In the Land of Leadale”

The PV features Cayna figuring out that she’s been transported to her favorite game, Leadale. The catch is that she was transported 200 years into the future, where everything she knew inside the game was gone.

Being in a land that’s familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time is scary, but Cayna puts up a brave front and tries to dig out everything that happened in these two centuries.

It will be challenging, but our girl has got some pretty reliable people to lean on.

Other than this, the PV also previews the anime’s opening theme song called ‘Happy encount,’ by the singer TRUE. 

The second PV of the TV anime “#In the Land of Leadale,” which will start broadcasting on January 5, 2022 (Wednesday), has been released!

You can also enjoy the opening theme, “Happy encount,” so be sure to check it out! The quenas are brought to life …! I’m looking forward to the air! !! !! !!


#leadale #TRUE #Miho Karasawa]

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Additionally, the website has also revealed more cast members who will be playing some of the anime’s vital supporting characters:

CharacterCastOther Works
KeyYui OtagiriMaria (By the Grace of the Gods)
LyttKanako YanagiharaHōchō Masamune (Tenka Hyakken)
MarelleSakura NakamuraKaede “Marikōji-san” Marikōji (High School Fleet)
LuineYūki HiroseKoharu Hidaka (Hi Score Girl)
In the Land of Leadale Anime Receives an Early January Premiere
In the Land of Leadale | Source: Crunchyroll

I am genuinely so excited for this anime to release because I am in love with each character. Not to forget, the story does start as a typical isekai but gets so much better as it progresses.

I have no doubts about the anime being fantastic, and you should definitely give it a watch.

About In the Land of Leadale

In the Land of Lealand is a light novel series serialized on the Let’s Become Novelists website from 2010 to 2012. It is soon to get an anime adaptation.

Cayna is involved in a major accident and dies when her life support machine at the hospital fails. She wakes up in a familiar world that she recognizes as the VR world from a game that she used to play.

Two hundred years since that time has passed, and she is reincarnated as a high elf. She is determined to get to the roots of this mystery.

Source: In the Land of Leadale Anime Official Website 

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