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Latest British Buddy Cop Show Code 404 Coming to Peacock this Oct

I know, cop shows are the last thing you’d like to watch, given the atmosphere. But trust the British to joke about their egocentric coppers, alright? 

The latest British cop dramedy, Code 404, is coming soon on Peacock.

Check out the latest trailer here. 

Code 404 | Official Trailer | Peacock
Code 404 Trailer

Set in the “near future,” the series stars Daniel Mays, Stephen Graham, and Anna Maxwell Martin and has six half-hour episodes in its first season.

The show originates on Sky One in the UK and has not been renewed for a second season, as yet.

“Partners Major and Carver are the best of the best at an elite undercover police team, Special Investigation Unit,”

Peacock revealed in a press release.

The plot is incited when Major is shot dead at a covert arms bust and Carver is plagued by guilt. He blames his burgeoning friendship with Major’s wife for being remiss.

However, he is in for a shock when Major turns up a year later, after he has been resurrected using pioneering AI. 

The only catch is that, given the limited budget, the software still has a few glitches.

Code 404 to premier on Peacock in October
Code 404 | Source: Sky One

So while Major 2.0 might have even more ego than his previous version, the reboot seems to have left his judgment, ability and large parts of his memory behind, making him far more of a liability dead than he ever was alive.

Sharing more details of the imported series, Peacock said the following in a press release.

“CODE 404 is a new buddy detective comedy set in London in the near future. The series will launch in the US Thursday, October 1, on Peacock. We are excited to share all six episodes of this Peacock Original with you, which offers a hilarious and refreshing spin on the classic crime-fighting duo,”

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