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Kusoge Tte Iuna: Short Anime Series Debuts In Fall Of 2020

The word “kusoge” means one of the worst games. However, even the worst games can be liked by some people. We can tag almost any game as a bad game without caring about the feelings of the people behind it.

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In this case, the ones who hate care-free gossipers like us are the game characters themselves. “Kusoge tte iuna” is a comedy anime about some game characters who are tired of people calling their game a “kusoge.”

The official website of Kusoge tte iuna announced that the anime will be aired in fall 2020. It is a short anime series that will be streamed on the anime’s Twitter account.

The anime is being produced by Studio Charaction. Studio Charaction has previously produced Mameneko and the Boku no Imōto wa “Ōsaka Okan” anime.

Kusoge Tte Iuna: Short Anime Series Debuts
Reedius | Source: Official Website

Kusoge tte iuna is adapted from the original work of Omochi-san. It is illustrated by Noai Nishi and published by Futabasha.

Kusoge tte iuna is being directed by Yuzo Yamamoto (Mameneko). The art director for the anime is Minobu Yamada ( Boku no Imōto wa “Ōsaka Okan”).

The cast of the anime includes:

ReediusMinari Otohata
MariusKohei Mitoma
MinaMaika Toe
LiliaMayumi Okada
LouiseKinoshita Suzuna
Evil GodMariko Miyase
PuriosSho Ito
Mochi RabbitSayaka Umeda

The anime seems to resemble the style of Disney animation film, “Wreck-it Ralph.”

The characters in the RPG game come alive after the game is turned off. It will be a blend of comedy and fantasy genre of anime.

About Kusoge tte iuna

Kusoge tte iuna is a new short anime series to be streamed in fall 2020. It includes characters from an RPG game who are tired of their game being called “kusoge” (worst).

They decide to change this stigma that has been attached to the game. They play along in the game when it is on and go about their business when the game is off.

Source: Kusoge tte iuna official website

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