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Relive Nostalgia with Kochikame’s One-Shot in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump

The misadventures of Ryotsu from the legendary series ‘Kochikame’ kept us pretty entertained throughout the years.

From memorable characters to over-the-top plotlines and a headbanging theme song, this saga of a cheapskate police officer is unforgettable. Maybe that is the reason why mangaka Osamu Akimoto can’t seem to let go of his beloved series.

According to an online report, Weekly Shonen Jump issue #43 will be including a new special chapter (One-shot) to commemorate the release of Osamu Akimoto’s ‘KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops’ volume 201.

Relive Nostalgia with Kochikame’s One-Shot in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump
Kochikame | Source: Fandom

Weekly Shonen Jump issue #43 will release on September 27, 2021.

Shueisha published the special volume 201 on October 4, 2021, five years after manga’s serialization ended in September 2016. The volume compiled mangaka Akimoto’s several one-shot chapters released after the series ended its 40-year publication.

“KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops” has the title of being Weekly Shonen Jump’s longest-running manga series. It even beats popular series like One Piece by a wide margin in publication years and the number of volumes published to this date.

The series takes place in the real-life location of a downtown police station in Tokyo and follows Kankichi Ryotsu, who aims to become rich through complicated schemes and fads only to bite on dust when his luck runs out.

The series also features many memorable characters, from even-tempered Keiichi Nakagawa to beauty idol Reiko Katherine Akimoto.

Relive Nostalgia with Kochikame’s One-Shot in Upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump
Kochikame | Source: Fandom

If you were an old-time fan of the series like me, we could agree that there is never enough of Kochikame’s antics, and luckily, mangaka Osamu Akimoto concurs with this fact. So be sure to jump into the new chapters to relive the nostalgia.

About KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops

It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Akimoto. The manga takes place in and around a neighborhood police station in the downtown part of Tokyo and follows the comedic antics and misadventures of middle-aged cop Kankichi Ryotsu.

Kochikame has received an anime adaptation and three film premieres, and the franchise remains one of the bestselling manga ever.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump

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