Knights of Sidonia Ai Tsumugu Hoshi announces 2021 premiere

The mecha genre in animes is filled with multiple popular titles like Eureka 7, Gurren Lagann, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This genre includes scientific ideas and sci-fi that centre on giant robots or machines (mechas) controlled by people. This usually sees people fighting threats from outer space or different species inside these mechas.

『シドニアの騎士 あいつむぐほし』 | シドニアの騎士 | 劇場アニメーション映画 特報
Knights of Sidonia

Polygon Pictures announced on Friday that Sidonia no Kishi: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi (Knights of Sidonia: The Star Where Love is Spun) a film inspired from Tsutomu Nihei’s Knights of Sidonia will open in 2021.

Manga artist # # Tsutomu Nihei original
The movie “Knight of Cydonia Amumuguoshi” released in 2021!
The insertion song/theme song is in charge of #Yasutaka Nakata and #CAPSULE, a music unit by #Toshiko Koshijima!

“Knight of Cydonia” will be completed in the theater! #SIDONIA_anime

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The official Twitter account also revealed a promotional video featuring the insert song “Utsusemi” by CAPSULE for Knights of Sidonia.

A smartphone game for Knights of Sidonia is also being developed by WFS, the game studio that created “Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space.” The game will release alongside the film in 2021 on IOS and Android. Fans can know more information about the game on its official website.

As a new challenge for “Knight of Cydonia”, a game application development project for smartphones has started.
It will be distributed from WFS in 2021 at the same time as the movie version is released. Please look forward to future updates!
Official teaser site: #SIDONIA_anime

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The new film will see a returning cast and will feature a brand new story supervised by Nihei that takes a different path from the manga.

Hiroyuki Seshita will return as the chief director for the film, while Tadahiro Yoshihira, the previous editor for the anime, will direct this new film at Polygon Pictures.Sadayuki Murai and Tetsuya Yamada will return to write the scripts, and Mitsunori Kataama is returning as the art director.

Knights of Sidonia announces 2021 premiere
Knights Of Sidonia | Source: Netflix

About Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia is a sci-fi mecha series by Tsutomu Nihei’ that began serialization in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine from April 25, 2009, and concluded on September 25, 2015, spanning over 15 compiled volumes.

The story is set a thousand years into the future where Earth has been destroyed by powerful aliens known as Gauna. Mankin now resides in giant spaceships continually being targeted by the strange creatures. By piloting mobile weapon units called “Gardes,” humanity can protect itself by destroying their cores, preventing the monsters from regenerating their protective shell of the placenta.

 Within the space ship Sidonia, a boy named Nagate Tanikaze surfaces for the first time in his life, with an incredible amount of time clocked into pilot simulators during his isolation. He quickly proves to be an indispensable asset to humanity’s defense force piloting the legendary Garde Tsugumori. He fights to protect Sidonia from a grim demise.

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