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Kiyuno Yasuna’s Ending Theme “Echoes” Throughout Aria the Crepuscolo

Kiyuno Yasuno has once again astonished us with the magic in her voice through the ending theme of Aria the Crepuscolo. The Aris franchise has produced aesthetically pleasing anime over the years and now the anime film is here to bowl us over!

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The series takes place in a city on Mars that is designed after 24th century Venice. With beautiful canals, pastel houses, and gorgeous gondoliers, the series is a visual fest for us.

A special promotional video has been posted by Kiyono Yasuno that reveals the ending theme of the Aria the Crepuscolo anime film. The ending theme is titled “echoes.” The film will release in Japanese theatres on 5th March 2021.

『ARIA The CREPUSCOLO』スペシャルPV ~安野希世乃「echoes」version
Promotional Video of Aria

The promotional video shows Alice and Athena enjoying their jobs as undines for the Neo-Venezia city. Athena truly cares for Alice, and it is because of her that Alice became more confident in her singing.

Aria the Crepuscolo adapts a new arc in which the autumn season has approached Neo-Venezia. Athena and Alice have been so busy that they haven’t seen each other in a long time.

For some reason, Alice is avoiding Athena that makes Athena even more uneasy.

Ai and Azusa will help the two of them make amends with each other. On the other hand, Anya has been made aware that there is a scenery that can be seen in the city only during autumn. What is she so excited to view?

Kiyono Yasuno is also playing a new character named Aletta. Kozue Amano, the original creator of the anime, specifically designed the character for the upcoming film. Yasuno’s voice is also suited to the smooth feel of the anime. She is also performing the opening theme of the film, Felicity.

Rina Satou will be replacing the late Tomoko Kawakami for playing the role of Athena in the upcoming anime film.

About Aria the Crepuscolo

Aria is set in the 24th century, where humans successfully colonized the planet, Aqua, previously known as Mars.

Kiyuno Yasuna’s Ending Theme “Echoes” Throughout Aria the Crepuscolo
Aria | Source: Crunchyroll

This technological advancement, however, did not interfere with the rustic beauty of the red planet. Neo Venezia, a city, inspired by the city of Venice, is full of extravagant beauty.

Aria Company is a tour-guide providing company catering to both the residents and tourists alike.

The protagonist, Akari Mizunashi, a care-free, and cheery teen, works as a guide in Aria. Join her on various adventures as she meets new people, learns valuable lessons, and explores the beautiful planet.

Source: Kiyuno Yasuna YouTube

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