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Kingdom Chapter 646: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers

Gyou has fallen, and it is time we finally see Shin becoming a general. Chapter 641 focused on Shin’s new name, ceremony, and other events happening in Kanyou.

Kingdom Chapter 646 is next, so it’s time to discuss the release date, scans, and other details we know.

1. Chapter 645 Release Date & Highlights

Chapter 645 of the Kingdom manga will be released on Thursday, July 2.

Kingdom manga is published under the Young Jump, a weekly magazine that comes out every Thursday.

kingdom chapter 65 release date updates
Zhao King (Tou Jou) | Source: Kingdom manga

2. Is Chapter 645 on a Break This Week?

Kingdom manga is not on a break this week. The chapter will come out as per its weekly schedule of every Thursday.

3. Chapter 646 Raw Scans

Riboku’s and price ka’s group say that the will/document is not valid. They ask Riboku to help prove it to the court, but he says that there is no time for this.

Suddenly they start fighting – arrows raining on Riboku, kaine, and prince ka’s faction. Most are killed, and Riboku is surprised that this is happening in broad daylight and that assassins were hired. Riboku says that they need to force their way out.

Back to Qins army: Working on Hi-shin unit HQ. They heard that it is not the prince, but his brother that is taking the throne?

Ten asks Moten if this was true. Mouten confirms the rumors. He said that he heard it when he went to visit Ouhon. He also said that a lot of blood will be spilled and recommends the Hi shin units not to settle down as things might change again…

Ten described the situation as to what happened between El SEI and Seykyou. Many people died

Mouten says that this is happening because the brother inherited the throne ‘’last-minute’’. Had the successor been known early, this would not have happened. Mouten said that if the younger brother takes the throne, Riboku and prince Ka will most likely be killed.

Shin does not seem to understand the Zhao royal family. He asked why order to kill Riboku – Then Save him – Then want to kill him again…

Mouten says that there is sadness in it (I guess what is happening in Zhao) and leaves.

We then See Kakukai’s faction: The faction (Kakukai) had ordered to kill everyone in the TAI’s, HOU’S, OU’S, and KAKOU’S family. (Probably a purge)

Kakukai says that as long as prince KA is alive, Sen’s throne (younger bro) will be in danger. He then orders to use all means to kill Rikoku and Prince Ka. He asked for their head.

We see Riboku talking to the prince and stressing how important it is for the prince to stay alive. They are going toward a small city called Houshou. It is a fortress controlled by a good friend of his. Riboku believes that the prince will be safe there.

All of a sudden, they are attacked. Riboku comes out to help and remembered the past (Ganmon) when they were in the same situation (attacked by a larger group). Kaine said that the 2 situations were different, to what Riboku responds’’ Yes back then, we were always arguing.’’

They start fighting. The Zhao soldiers want to kill Riboku and the prince but somehow wanted to capture kaine alive. Kaine gets upset when she sees how they are attacking Riboku. They hardly made through the northern gate with the help of the midget (shunsuiju ) and the ninja (Futei).

Zao soldiers from Kantan ()Kantan Soldiers) went after them, but the Banaji army got rid of them. Then there was another Kantan army posted outside than went after them. Again, the Banaji army acted as a shield to protect Riboku and his group. They then made it to HouShou.

Riboukou wants to go back to Banaji and think of a new counter-attack strategy. He comforts the prince.

Prince Ka is demoralized and thinks that it is over for Zhao. He asks forgiveness to Riboku for the way his family (Royal family) has behaved.

We then see Riboku and Kaine in a tent. Kaine wants to talk about the situation, but Riboku says that they will do it tomorrow.

Riboku: Still stubborn. Riboku asked how long since they left Ganmon

Kaine: Why?

R: Nothing. Just asking. I fear it is now impossible to put Prince Ka on the throne…At this stage…This country…What are we doing…? I admit that…I am a lil tired …

Kaine: Knife… ahahhhahah (crying). Excuse me…I am going out…

R: Kaine….Can you stay a lil?

K: Of course…I will stay by your side forever !! No matter what happens, I will be by your side! Boouuuuh

4. Chapter 645 Recap

kingdom chapter 65 release date updates
Qin Army Generals | Source: Kingdom – Wiki Fandom

The Qin has set up a line in preparation to attack Kantan and Ousen called all the generals to discuss battle plans. Shin arrived last because he got lost on the way.

As Ousen is about to tell them the plan a messenger comes giving the report that there is big news from Kantan and it’s that the king has died and not Riboku. Everyone wants to know what happened but they don’t have the details of it yet.

The court is in chaos with the king’s side accusing Riboku’s side of the murder and Kakukai tells the King’s soldiers to detain the Riboku side. The soldiers say they only take orders from the King and Kakukai says because the King is dead they should listen to him but they reply back saying they have a new king already.

Prince Ka opens the gates to the cellars in the dungeon and they all end up being supporters of Prince Ka. Prince Ka says it’s time to save the nation. Riboku gets out as well and Kaine immediately rushes into his arms to which Riboku says she’ll get dirty and sorry to have worried her.

Ka asks Riboku what must be done right away and Riboku says to send out the King’s army which Prince Ka does.

The generals believe Riboku wouldn’t have done such a thing as killing the king so guesses it could be one of his underlings. Denrimi says what they have to worry about is who takes over which if it’s Prince Ka it will be the worst outcome for them.

It’s because there was a rumor stating all of the prisoners were waiting for the era of Prince Ka in order to make a change in Zhao and if it actually happens then Zhao will be reborn. They notice a new army approaching from behind the Zhao army and realize it’s the King’s army. Ousen decides to redo the plan and tells everyone to retreat to the second line.

Kakukai tries to figure out how to handle this situation and the concubine shows up in front of him with records clerk Ei.

Prince Ka and Riboku’s group starts to plan a defense strategy when suddenly they’re surrounded by the King’s soldiers. Kakukai enters and Prince Ka tells the soldiers to arrest him but they say they cannot and apologizes.

Kakukai says it’s due to what the King has done and Ei starts reading the King’s will which was changed just the other day. It stated that the successor to the throne will not be Prince Ka but his younger brother Chun.

5. Read Kingdom Manga

Unfortunately, there are no official sources to read Kingdom online. We ask you to purchase the manga and #SAYNOTOPIRACY!

kingdom chapter 65 release date updates

6. About Kingdom

The Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalized account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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