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Kawaki’s Dark Side Revealed

We all know that Kawaki is the one who will destroy Konoha. He is the one who will kill Naruto. This took us to the flashback where Boruto faces off against Kawaki in the ruins of the Hidden Leaf Village. Fans like me are impatient to see how the Boruto will end to this point. And the pieces have started to come together and showing the dark side of Kawaki. Besides this, Kawaki is training to master his Karma power.

Kawaki’s Dark Side

The latest chapter of the series is building this endpoint (Boruto Vs Kawaki) and reveals Kawaki’s dark side. Like it or not, it seems like his Karma mark power draws out his most negative tendencies as evidenced by his conflict with Jigen in Chapter 36. Recent events of Boruto bring great focus on Kawaki. Boruto and his family accepted Kawaki as an official member of the Uzumaki family. That’s why Jigen moves to the side of Kawaki through Kawakis Karma. Jigen is the leader of Kara organisation. So, he jumps into action. With Kawaki’s training, it seems that his mastery of the Karma mark also is bringing him closer to the future we saw at the beginning of the series ie Boruto vs Kawaki.

The biggest indicator is Kawaki’s new transformation. When Jigen attacks Naruto with his charka bars, this annoys Kawaki and in a rage, Kawaki begins to grow a horn on the side of his head along with changing of Karma mark of his face. Jigen notices this change and wonders how Kawaki has advanced so much in such a short period of time. Well, like it or not, this transformation is the Otsutsuki transformation. All the members of Otsutsuki were trouble to humans and not to mention- Naruto. Besides this, manga readers know that this conflict also shows how Jigen talks to Kawaki as he says that he’s the only one doing ( Jigen ) what’s best for him and that Kawaki is being used. 

One more small piece reveals something in the manga. When Shikadai and Inojin were talking to each other about Kawaki. They conclude that they like Kawaki and accept him as a member of Konoha but also worry that he might be a spy of an enemy. All these small pieces start building a flashback where Boruto is fighting with Kawaki and Kawaki destroys Konoha as well as Naruto!

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