Kate Hudson Joins Cast Of Truth Be Told Season 2

The second season of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told is getting a new cast member in Kate Hudson. The crime drama series, which premiered in December last year, will begin production for season two on October 26th. This means that the second season will drop sometime in late 2021. What does season two have in store for the viewers and how does Kate Hudson fit into the story?

Truth Be Told is led by Octavia Spencer’s character Poppy Parnell, an investigative journalist and crime podcaster. During her time as a journalist, she had written an inflammatory and arousing piece about a teenager called Warren Cave, accused of murdering the father of a pair of twin sisters. Her piece had led to his arrest at the time.   

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Octavia Spencer as Poppy Parnell | Source: IMDb

Years later, Poppy is asked to reinvestigate Warren’s case when he claims that he has been framed for a murder he did not commit.

In season two, Truth be Told will focus on America’s infatuation with crime podcasts and true crime documentaries. Kate Hudson will debut as Micah Keith, lifestyle pundit and a longtime friend of Octavia Spencer’s character. When a mystery involving both of them comes up, it puts their relationship on the line.

The acting in the show has been praised by the critics and the viewers. Apart from the brilliant Octavia Spencer, the first season of the show had Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul, who played the accused killer Warren Cave, and Lizzy Caplan in its cast.

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Lizzie Caplan in Truth Be Told | Source: IMDb

The second season is keeping up the reputation by casting Kate Hudson, whose last television role was in Fox’s musical comedy-drama Glee. It will be interesting to see her come back to television with a completely different character.

The first season of Truth Be Told is available to stream on Apple TV+.

Have you watched Truth Be Told? What did you like about the first season?

About Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told focuses on Poppy Parnell, a true-crime podcaster and an investigative journalist. Often her investigative skills are required to solve the cases of crime and mystery. In the first season, she tries to solve the murder of the patriarch of a family.

Truth Be Told is based on the book Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber. The show premiered on Apple TV+ on December 6th, 2019.

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