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Kakegurui Creator Announces Supernatural Manga Based on The Gamble of Lives

If you were given a choice between saving your own life or saving the world, what would you do?

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Kakegurui’s creator, Homura Kawamoto’s new manga, Humanity’s Existence Depends on Love Gambling with Another World’s Princess, is based on this dilemma.

The mangaka is here with yet another gambling-themed manga, and we’re all for it. But, unlike Kakegurui, this gamble is between the life of one vs. billions!

Homura Kawamoto’s Humanity’s Existence Depends on Love Gambling with Another World’s Princess will begin serialization in Akita Shoten’s Champion RED magazine from August 19th, 2021.

Kakegurui Creator Announces Supernatural Manga Based on the Gamble of Lives
Kakegurui | Source: Funimation

The story is about yet another risky gamble where the world’s fate rests on a single human named Kazuki. How did such a thing happen?

Now, this is where the supernatural aspect of the manga comes in. Kazuki is entrusted with Ryumis, the daughter of a Demon Lord. We all know how demon lords can be, and this one especially presented Kazuki with a tough choice.

If he accepts Ryumis, he will be killed. But if he refuses, the world will be destroyed. So our not-so-lucky protagonist is now in a sticky situation. What will he choose?

I have way too many speculations, but the biggest and most logical one would be that he somehow manages to make an under-the-table deal with the Demon Lord. This deal might just enable him to save everyone for the time being.

Kakegurui’s creator, Homura Kawamoto, recently published another manga called The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer.

Unfortunately, the manga was canceled after the first chapter as it portrayed characters from other franchises in a bad light. 

The concept of the protagonist killing isekai-d people who strongly resemble protagonists of other franchises might sound cool, but it did not sit right with the audience.

However, this new series does look very promising, considering Homura’s talent in writing maniacal gamble scenes. So do let us know your speculations about it too!

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About Kakegurui

Kakegurui is an anime based on a manga of the same name written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Toru Naomura. It is directed by Yuichiro Hayashi and is animated by MAPPA.

Hyakkaou Private Academy, a regular school for ultra-rich kids by day and a grotesque gambling den by night, has an inbuilt social hierarchy.

Based on how one performs in gambling and manipulating their peers, students are ranked best to worst, the top rankers being the most powerful.

Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student who gambles just for the thrill of it, becomes the new challenger and the talk of the Hyakkaou’s elite student council.

Her insane love for gambling presents her with new challenges as she climbs her way to the top.

Source: Funimation

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