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What is Overhaul’s Quirk – Abilities & Limitations

My Hero Academia’s popularity as a mainstream and highly recommended anime soared above its median after the release of season 4. The recent season elaborates a character introduced in the final episode of season 3 and his role as the main antagonist. The character goes by the name Kai Chisaki.

The anime has merely begun to test the waters yet manga readers are aware of the significance of this character and what he brings to the story. Kai Chisaki and his terrifying quirk have created a buzz amongst the fans and sadly enough, Kai’s affiliation to the villains makes him a formidable opponent for our heroes.

So, what is Kai Chisaki’s quirk? And what is it about this quirk that makes him an ominous presence?

Kai Chisaki’s Quirk – Overhaul

Overhaul | My Hero Academia
Overhaul vs. League of Villains

Kai Chisaki’s quirk is known as Overhaul. His quirk involves disassembling anything that he touches at a molecular structural level. He is also able to reassemble things after he disassembles them.

But he can only disassemble or reassemble anything upon touching the target with his bare hands. Therefore, upon deconstructing his target, Kai can leave it disassembled, reassemble it back to its original form or create something new.

The quirk alone is quite powerful yet Kai tweaks it to make it even more infrangible. He uses fusion where he fuses two different disassembled parts to create something new.

Kai’s powers cannot be pigeon-holed in offensive terms as he’s able to reconstruct the biological components of an organism or a living being thus allowing him to heal himself and others. His motivation to do so isn’t a guarantee but he is definitely capable. 

kai chisaki's quirk explained
Kai Chisaki’s Mask | Source: IMDb

How is the plague mask related to Chisaki’s quirk?

It is not! Chisaki wears a plague mask because he is a mysophobe who is revolted by the idea of any germs or dirt on his body or clothing. By extension, he hates engaging in unsanitary acts or acts of touching people which is ironic because his quirk depends on it.

His obsession with cleanliness remains at extreme levels where he’s intolerant of breathing the same air as humans. He has a built-in air filter in his plague mask. 

How strong is the quirk?

His power works on all – animate and inanimate objects. Everything in the world can be broken down to its atomic or molecular level. As long as Overhaul has his hands on it, he can manipulate it. 

Mirio Togata vs. Kai Chisaki - Mirio sacrifices his Quirk to protect Eri [60 FPS 1080p]

Overhaul’s Limitations

As mentioned above, Chisaki can manipulate the structure of anything that he can touch. He’s shown to have altered his opponents, allies, himself, and objects. His ruthless or nihilistic outlook on life expands the arena or targets for the utilization of his powers.

He applies his resourcefulness to cover up his tracks by destroying the target and acquiring what’s needed. He then reassembles the target in a perfect form to dismiss any incriminating evidence of an attack. Unlike Decay, Kai Chisaki’s powers are limited to the target itself. It does not get transferred to anything connected to the target.

His powers are strictly disseminated through his own touch and nothing else. The Ultra Analysis Book, the official book of stats of MHA characters, shows that Chisaki’s quirk isn’t the only source of his strength.

He is shown to be a well-balanced antagonist with a six out of six in ambition, a five out of six in both intelligence and technique (his skills in using his quirk), and four out of six for speed. He gets three out of six for his power, which is slightly alarming due to the irreversible damage he’s capable of. 

Is Chisaki unbeatable?

The anxiety of any opponent who battles him to avoid getting closer to him is palpable. Despite the formidability of his quirk, Overhaul can be defeated. All the characters, even as strong as him, has their Achilles Heel.

The range of Overhaul’s power depends on his ability to touch his target. But this power is concentrated on his hands. If Overhaul’s hands are removed, his quirk is rendered useless.

Overhaul was, in a manner of speaking, defeated by the League of Villains led by Tomura Shigaraki. His arms are destroyed by Atsuhiro Sako and Tomura Shigaraki. 

Revenge | My Hero Academia
Overhaul vs Shigaraki

Can Deku Defeat Overhaul?

Deku, at his current strength, cannot defeat Overhaul alone. As shown in their fight during the climax of the Shie Hassaikai raid. Deku was able to defeat Overhaul by unlocking 100% of One For All with the help of Eri’s quirk. In terms of individual strength, Deku has a long way to go to defeat Overhaul on his own.

Was Overhaul really a villain?

Overhaul’s motivations are driven by his loyalty to Shie Hassaikai. He was brought in by the Yakuza from the streets at a very young age. He believes that he owes a debt to the leader of the Yakuza – Shie and exclusively shows concern for him.

Overhaul believes that quirks are the reason for the current suffering in society. His rough perception of life was shaped by his harsh upbringing. It’s evident that he places no value to human life – even his own.

The only exception to this principle of his is Shie Hassaikai. 

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Izuku Midoriya lives in a world full of superheroes who have superpowers known as Quirks. He dreams of becoming a hero just like his idol – the number one hero All Might. But his dream is crushed as he turns out to be Quirkless – a minor section of the society born without superpowers.

Although through an encounter, All Might himself recognises his potential and scouts him to become an inheritor of his power. Izuku then joins the prestigious UA School for Heroes and builds a path toward becoming the number one hero. 

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