Magical Girl Destroyers’ First Visual Exposes Anarchy’s Dark Side

Whenever an artist decides to enter into a new world, he always tends to bring something new to the table. Renowned fashion designer and rapper Jun Inagawa is doing just that, by stepping into the world of anime with his new series Magical Girl Destroyers.

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The artist is known for blending different subcultures and subverting expectations in his illustrations. He has stated that he wants to break the stereotype of perfect and ideal magical girls with his new show. 

This seems to be apparent in the first visual for the upcoming anime.

The official website for Jun Inagawa’s Magical Girl Destroyers anime has released a visual for the series. The anime will be produced by Bibury Animation Studios, which is known for series like The Quintessential Quintuplets and Azur Lane.

◤ Magical Girl Magical Destroyer’s First Visual Lifting ◢

 Produced as an original TV animation

 Animation production is Bibury Animation Studios


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The visual features the main character of the story, Magical Girl Anarchy giving us a nasty look. Her shadows have her holding a long magical girl staff in one and an injection in the other.

During an interview about the series, Inagawa once quoted: “It does not matter if they are cute because they also do bad things in the dark.” The visual seems to really drive that message home with the shadows.

Magical Girl Destroyers’ First Visual Exposes Anarchy’s Dark Side
Magical Girl Destroyer | Source: Official Website
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The subversion from the genre doesn’t end there either. Apparently, magical girls will not be the main characters of the show. Instead, he will be your average Otaku.

Although all these things make the series very interesting, it is still very hard to anticipate how the show will be without any more details. If this is anything like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, you know this is going to be an instant hit.

About Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers

Maho Shojo Magical Destroyers is an original anime project helmed by  JUN INAGAWA, an artist who is active across various subcultures such as streetwear and music.

In 2008, a mysterious organization, SSC, eliminated the otaku culture in Japan. The anime focuses on an otaku hero standing against them, with three magical girls – Anarchy, Blue, and Pink accompanying him. Together, they seek to save and restore the otaku culture.

Source: Magical Girl Destroyers Official Website


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