Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Season 6 Updates

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is nearing the end of season 5. It’s the story of Giorno Giovanna and his Stand Golden Experience which is one of the most versatile experiences in the series. Fans are eagerly awaiting season 6, because it will cover the exciting ‘Stone Ocean’ story arc according to the manga. Besides this, the team working on the anime adaptation of JoJo, are letting fans know exactly what they need to do to prepare for season 6 of JoJo. Let’s shift our focus to what’s currently going on in JoJo.

JoJo Bizzare Adventure Season 5

The current season of JoJo shows that Giorno and a ragtag band of gangsters attempt to take over the mafia organization. Since starting their mission, they’ve revealed the true identity of their ‘boss’ Diavolo. Diavolo is an antagonist suffering from a split personality disorder. Diavolo has a powerful stand in the form of ‘King Crimson’. He has the ability to make time skip for anyone that perceives him. Hence, defeating Diavolo is difficult to challenge for Giorno and his crew, with many members dying in the process.  

JoJo Bizzare Adventure Season 6

The production team have said that part 6 depends on all the fans supporting the show and part 5 currently. Besides this, Anime Expo 2019 has revealed a ton of news in the manga and anime front, and fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will certainly be encouraged to support the series, even more, to ensure that an additional season can be made.  
What do you think about the prospects of season 6? When will season 6 will confirm and air? Let us know in the comment section.

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