Covid Crisis Postpones Japan’s Biggest Cosplay Event

The otaku community loves to cosplay, making the annual Nipponbashi Street Festa one of their favorite events. The festival is lively as hundreds and thousands of people participate in it and show the world their badass and amazing cosplays.

Since it is a huge-scale event that many people attend, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to it immediately due to safety issues. The cosplay fest has been canceled three times since 2020, but fans never lost hope that it will be organized again.

Unfortunately, the Covid crisis has struck again, and the Nipponbashi Street Festa 2023 has been delayed due to safety reasons.

Notice regarding postponement of Nipponbashi Street Festa 2023] “Nipponbashi Street Festa 2023”, which was scheduled to be held in the spring of 2023, will be postponed. Please check the official website for details.

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The authorities have informed that the cosplay event was scheduled for spring 2023 but has been postponed due to the Covid virus. Holding such a large-scale event might result in the spread of the infection among visitors and locals.

Organizers have been working on a full-scale resumption of the event and are discussing it with local authorities. The festival is not entirely canceled yet, and there’s a possibility of its revival in 2023 if all goes well.

The official website has stated that handling and maintaining such a huge crowd is difficult. Since it might lead to another Covid outbreak, the organizers have delayed it for the time being.

Covid Crisis Postpones Japan's Biggest Cosplay Event
Nipponbashi Street Festa | Source: Official Website

Moreover, the festival’s annual parade runs through Nippombashi’s Den Den Town area, Osaka’s otaku hotspot. The place is much like Tokyo’s Akihabara and is famous for anything related to anime, manga, games, and more.

Despite being a large area, it’s never enough to contain the number of people that attend the cosplay festival. With such situations, it’s difficult to organize such an event amid the ongoing Covid crisis.

While we miss seeing incredible cosplays every year, the safety of the people comes first and foremost.

We hope the organizers figure something out, and we will see the beauty and thrill of Japan’s biggest cosplay event again.

Source: Official Website


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