Japanese VA Toru Furuya’s Shocking Confession Leads to Chaos Among the Fans

A shocking set of revelations has come to light after a Japanese tabloid magazine, Bunshun, published a story about Toru Furuya, the well-known voice actor of Yamcha and Sabo.

It was revealed that Toru Furuya had a four-and-a-half-year affair with an earnest female fan in her 30s. He abused her, got her pregnant, and forced her to have an abortion.

Furuya later confirmed the allegations in his recently released statement. The 70-year-old said he was drawn to her support as a fan and started a relationship with her.

He also admitted that he raised his “hand against her” in an argument and deeply regrets his actions. He then ends his statement by apologizing for his actions and for pressuring her into having an abortion.

These revelations have perplexed the fans. I mean, it’s one thing for a 70-year-old man to be having an affair with a 30-year-old. But then he went on to abuse her and coerce her into an abortion.

We would like to sincerely apologize for the weekly magazine coverage.

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It is a deeply shameful act, and the fans of Sabo are traumatized by this information. While you might have been a fan of this VA, it is important to acknowledge his crimes and that we might no longer see him in the anime series.

He may not receive anything for a while unless he’s recast since a scandal like this will most likely get him blacklisted from all work for the rest of his life. 

This is not an isolated situation of people in power to be abusing their status. Similar situations revolving around Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Alfonse, Berkut, Bramimond (as Alfonse), Ranulf, Tibarn) and Takahiro Sakurai (Eliwood, Bramimond (as Eliwood), Julis, Lukas) also resulted in these characters getting no alts/voiced content (mostly relevant for Alfonse story cutscenes) after their situations came to light.

We only hope for the poor lady to receive justice and Toru Furuya to receive the proper punishment for his crimes.

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