James Gunn Promises Five Unannounced Fan Favorites in New DCU 

Since January 2023, the DC fandom has taken their queries about the upcoming regime to James Gunn. 

The co-CEO of DC Studios has been quite open about the new DCU since the announcement of the first chapter. Though he has kept some updates under wraps to maintain the mystery and not ruin the fun, the filmmaker just teased five new unannounced characters coming to the DC Universe.

IGN recently shared a list of ten fan-favorite DC characters that the fandom wants to see in the new and upgraded DCU. The DC Studios head shared the list on his Instagram story and teased, “Will 5 of 10 do?” His comment on the IGN list means we have five new characters joining the DCU, but the pool of candidates just got smaller. 

The characters included in the IGN list are Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Martian Manhunter, Lobo, Brainiac, Deathstroke, Jason Todd (Robin/Red Hood), Zatanna, The Court of Owls, Mister Freeze, and John Constantine. So, five out of these ten characters will be joining the DCU soon, hopefully in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. You can check out the list below:

James Gunn Promises Five Unannounced Fan Favorites in New DCU 
Possible DCU Debuts List

We know one of the upcoming projects in the first chapter is Brave and Bold, a Batman film that will feature Bruce Wayne as a father to his son Damian Wayne/Robin. From what we know of the film, the Bat-Family will also be highlighted in the latest Batman feature. 

That’s why it’s interesting that we see Nightwing and Jason Todd, a part of the Bat-Family, in the list of expected DCU characters. The Court of Owls is also an essential part of Gotham, which makes us believe that these three characters are part of the five Gunn has teased.

Another name that sticks out is Lobo, a DC project that Aquaman star Jason Momoa has teased he’s highly interested in. While Aquaman might not return to the DCU after the 2023 sequel, we’re pretty sure Momoa is sticking around, and he’d make a good Lobo. So, it’s safe to assume that Lobo is another name in the five out of ten characters the DC Studios head teased.

James Gunn Promises Five Unannounced Fan Favorites in New DCU 
The Court of Owls

But after that, we’re not sure which of the characters from the list we might see in the upcoming chapter of the DCU. With Brave and Bold and Superman: Legacy in the slate, Deathstroke, Brainiac, and Martian Manhunter have equal opportunities to appear in the new DCU.

Which of the five do you think will make the cut and get a chance to debut in Gunn and Safran’s DCU?

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Source: IGN

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