Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2: Release Date, Visuals and News

In Another World with my Smartphone or Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, a.k.a. Isekai wa Smartphone is a light novel series written by Patora Fuyuhara.

Isekai wa Smartphone is about a boy who died accidentally and was instead given powers with stats off the roof as compensation and a smartphone.

Having got a hint of ‘Babylon and the upcoming adventure’ at the end of the anime, fans wonder if Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 will be coming soon.

1. Release Date

Isekai wa Smartphone episode 12 after-credits scene gave hints that the studio intended to continue the story.

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the Isekai wa Smartphone Season 2 release date from Production Reed.

Once we get the information regarding the premiere date, we will update this article. However, there is a lot of speculation that Season 2 of this isekai anime would occur.

There are many questions to be answered, and let’s start by fans’ response to the franchise.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni | Source: Fandom

2. Is the franchise Popular?

The light novel has been viewed more than 100 million times on the official website by 2019! These numbers just scream that the fans would support the anime adaptations.

But, fans have been on the fence regarding the first adaptation: either they think it’s the best adaptation of the novel or that it’s too underwhelming.

The biggest complaint surrounding Season 1 is that the girls didn’t develop as they would have in the novel, turning the anime into a generic harem-comedy with isekai elements. The pacing of the anime was off too.

However, this all would be corrected if the studio produces Season 2.

2. Will there be a sequel?

There are significant reasons why there could be a sequel for this anime. First, there is enough source material left for a season.

Season 1 only adapted events up to volume 3 in the novel. Considering there are 10 novel volumes, there is source material even for a Season 3!

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Trailer

Second, the plot picks up pretty quickly in the next events. Even if the viewers were reluctant with the previous season, the novel readers know that there would be giant robots and a battle for Babylon coming up next.

Though the production team is yet to announce a renewal, there is a high chance of Season 2 releasing.

Speaking of robots and Babylon, what exactly is going to happen next?

3. Expected Plot

The big revelation at the end of the first season is that there are nine flying structures created by Professor Regina Babylon around 5,000 years ago.

Regina possessed clairvoyance and knew that a person like Touya would appear and that he would have nine wives. That’s why she created nine gynoids (female humanoid robots) like Francesca to manage the flying islands.

The debut season of the anime adaptation ended with a lot of loose threads. Fans may get to see Touya and his harem fight against the Fraze with their giant mechas in the next one.

I. Spoilers

Let’s check out what the upcoming season would like with giant robots in the picture.

4. New Key Visuals and Trailers

Though there is no release of official visuals for Season 2, we know that the characters would be the same, and it would adapt volume 4 for the same.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Touya | Source: Isesuma
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Elze | Source: Isesuma
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Linze | Source: Isesuma
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Yae | Source: Isesuma
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Yumina | Source: Isesuma
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Leen | Source: Isesuma

A lot of credit for the beautiful characters and backgrounds goes to the animation studio and the animators behind it.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Volume 4 | Source: Fandom
Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2 Updates
Volume 5 | Source: Fandom

6. Anime Production

Let’s look into the technical details of this upcoming anime to check what influences the production of ‘Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni Season 2.’

I. About the Studio

Production Reed has created a lot of mecha, sci-fi, fantasy and harem anime to date.

Other than Isekai wa Smartphone, it has also produced Nijiro Days, Blue Seed, Hand Maid May, Bakuretsu Hunters, Earthian, and more.

II. Animation Quality

Though the art-style and animation used in Season 1 is not bad, it is not particularly attractive at the same time.

Compared with other isekai anime, the background and animation seem to have no uniqueness.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni – AMV

Regardless of the clunky character animation, the anime’s color palette is very bright; it’s filled with cute characters.

There would be random chibi scenes that appeal to some of the audience.

III. Director

Yanase Takeyuki directed the first adaptation of Isekai wa Smartphone and would hopefully return for the second.

He has directed other anime like Gakuen, Himegoto, Tokubetsu Jugyou, etc.

He also took up the role of a character designer for some of the anime he took up like Gakuen and Tokubetsu Jugyou.

IV. Theme Songs

AOP is a Japanese idol group who performed the opening theme song, Another World.

In contrast, the female cast of the anime performed different versions of the ending theme song, Junjou Emotional.

The soundtracks for a character theme or fighting scenes are typical and don’t stand out as much as the sounds created just for the comedic scenes.

Read ahead to understand more about this world and how OP Touya could be!

7. Recap

I. Season 1

15-year-old Touya Mochizuki gets killed by a stray bolt of lightning and gets told by God that it was an accident.

To make up for it, God gives him another chance at life in another world. God grants him one wish, which is to bring his smartphone along on the journey.

God also greatly amplifies Touya’s physical, magical, and cognitive abilities to a certain degree as a further apology for the inconvenience of killing him.

Taking full advantage of his second chance at life, Touya befriends many different people, mainly females and high-ranking people in the new world.

He begins to travel from country to country, solving political disputes, quests, and nonchalantly enjoying himself with his newfound allies.  

It’s a typical isekai anime with harem, comedy, magic, and fantasy as the central theme.

8. Cast & Staff

The following are the cast and staff members for the Season 2 of Isekai wa Smartphone:

I. Staff

DirectorYanase Takeyuki
Series CompositionTakahashi Natsuko

II. Cast

CharacterVoice ActorFamous Works
TouyaFukuhara KatsumiYukiya (W’z), Anthony (If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a Demon  Lord)
YuminaKouno MarikaNemu (Overlord), Sacchan (Mitsuboshi Colors)
LinzeFukuo YuiRika (Time Travel Shoujo), Maaya (If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a Demon  Lord)
ElzeUchida MaayaFutaba (Ao Haru Ride), Hiyori Iki (Noragami)
LeenUesaka SumireShalltear (Overlord), Chuchu (Show By Rock)
YaeAkasaki ChinatsuMitsuru (Fruits Basket 2019), Nakiri Alice (Shokugeki no Soma)

9. About Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni

After God accidentally kills Touya, God offers him one wish and the chance to live again in a magical world.

Touya happily accepts the offer and, for his one wish, asks only to keep his smartphone with him as he begins his journey into this mysterious world.


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