Is Zombies 2 Worth Watching? Complete Review

Is Zombies 2 Any Good? Worth Your Time? A Complete Review

When Disney came out with Zombies in 2018, the lazy title and the falling quality of their original films made several people skeptical about watching the movie.

But it managed to win over viewers with its catchy soundtrack and a plot with some deep positive messages about inclusivity. ‘Zombies 2’ features more of the same and throws another shunned minority in the mix- the hip and cool werewolves. Read on for a complete review.

1. Article Summary

Is Zombies 2 Worth Watching? Complete Review
Zombies 2 | Source: Seventeen Magazine

The action once again takes us back to the fictional town of Seabrook, which had accepted its zombie residents and removed anti-monster laws. When a new threat looms in the surrounding woods, the residents once again start shutting themselves in. The movie makes us revise the lesson of tolerance and inclusivity it taught in the first.

2. Is It Worth Watching?

Disney has done a good job of creating content for the 9-14 age group that is often neglected. The original movie focused on the fear that existed among the uniform and boring human kids towards the zombie individualists.

It ended with the two communities accepting and co-existing with each other, but in the sequel, when Werewolves show up in the town is quick to put up its boundaries once again.

I. Plot

During the founding years of the town of Seabrook, settlers fought of werewolves from a large moonstone. They kept it hidden underground for years. In the present, Zombietown and Seabrook have settled their differences and co-exist peacefully. When the local werewolves start losing the power of their moonstone bracelets, they return to town to search for the ancient moonstone.

Official Trailer 🎥 | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel
Zombies 2 Trailer

Zed and Addison have started planning their Prawn (Seabrook’s version of Prom), and the bracelets which give the werewolves their abilities need to be recharged. A prophecy states that a girl with white hair will be hailed as the Great Alpha and will guide the werewolves to the moonstone.

The town reinstates its Anti-Monster Laws to keep the werewolf threat out and Zed and Addison try to figure out a way to help the werewolves and go to prom together.

II. Cast & Characters

Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly return as Zed and Addison the duo taking center stage. They do a great job and deliver enthusiastic performances as the high school couple battling prejudice and balancing love and insecurities.

Is Zombies 2 Worth Watching?
Cast Of Zombies 2

The usual high school tropes of the football team and the cheerleading squad make up the side characters. The pack of werewolves starring Chandler Kinney and Pearce Joza also do a good job as the funky and distressed werewolves.

III. Visuals & Music

There are two standout things about the production design and makeup of the movie. The first is that Disney succeeded in transforming zombies and werewolves, a scary and nightmarish invention into kid-friendly monsters.

Make-up head Julia Valente and Costume Designer Trysha Bakker told that they had extensive meetings to decide every small detail from the amount of fur to fingernail length while designing characters. Their goal was to water down the scary and creepy to a PG-13 level, and they have succeeded once again.

Is Zombies 2 Worth Watching? Complete Review
Zombies 2 | Disney

Like other Disney originals such as High School Musical Zombies 2 features a catchy soundtrack with groovy dance moves. They will surely hook your child’s attention and also help in the progression of the plot. This does not make the songs feel out of place and stupid, which does happen in some musicals.

The production design features a color palette of purple and green, with a dash of neon. While one thinks that this will feel nauseating and strain your eyes, it comes together quite well. It adds a surreal and swirly aura to the movie, which makes the dance pieces pop.

3. Final Thoughts

Zombies 2 is an entertaining watch with strong lead performances and catchy tunes. It spreads the positive message of breaking down barriers and hopefully will start conversations about inclusiveness in every household.

It is fun to watch with some mild scares and will have a positive impact on the viewers. The returning cast and directors give it a familiar feel. At the same time, the werewolves provide extra drama and surprise to the party. Ever since its premiere on Disney Channel, the movie has received positive responses.

4. Grade

Zombies 2 3/5

Story: B+

Cinematography/Animation: A-

Acting: B+

Music: A-

Direction: B

5. Info

Zombies 2

Air Date: 14th February 2018Status: FinishedStudio: Dsiney
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