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Is Tower of God any good? Is it Worth Watching? A Complete Review

Tower Of God is a name that will strike a chord among many fans of webtoons. It is one of the most beloved webtoons of all times. Any ardent webtoon fan would proclaim this one of their favourites, if not their favourite.

Is Tower of God any good?

In this light, it fails to surprise us that Tower Of God has got its own anime adaptation. It started being aired from April 1, 2020 onwards and at present, 13 episodes have already been released. With its interesting plot and good character development, it is slowly proving itself to become a classic.

1. Article Highlights:

Tower of God is an anime that initially progresses on a steady pace. You won’t be left feeling bored as every episode is packed with some action or special event.

he art is also quite good and slightly different than other anime shows. Read on to know more about this amazing show!

2. Is it worth watching?

I. Plot

The plot of the series Tower of God revolves around the timid protagonist named Twenty-fifth Bam who enters the gigantic tower to follow his only friend Rachel. When he was trapped under the tower with no recollection of his past whatsoever, Rachel rescues him and forms a strong friendship with him.

This aspect of their relationship is narrated through flashbacks from his perspective. Also, along his journey to find Rachel, he encounters tough challenges, learns more about the mysterious nature of the tower and makes allies and enemies alike.

The plot moves on a steady pace and does not overwhelm the viewer. Also, right from the first episode itself, the fast and engaging action sequences take a central position. The action sequences/scenes are one of the most enjoying to watch, among many anime shows.

The intensity of the scenes gets further accentuated by the incredibly cool powers and abilities that are bestowed on many of the major characters.

As the series makes its steady progress, many more characters are introduced. They add to the layers of emotional depth to the series as their motivations and desires for climbing the tower are revealed to us.

As he embarks on his quest to find Rachel, he starts to understand himself and her better. A lot of mysteries about the interconnection of the tower and him are unveiled to us slowly.

II. Characters

The main protagonist Bam is your typical Shonen character who is special and has been bestowed way more talent and power than any other character in the show. He is marked as such from the first episode when he is called an “Irregular”, someone special who can enter the tower without being invited.

He keeps on proving himself as such on countless occasions. However, even within a span of approximately 10 episodes, one can see him very slowly changing from a shy and timid boy to someone who becomes slightly more confident of himself.

Is Tower of God any good?

As he makes it further higher in the tower, he forms very close friendships with Khun Aguero Agnes and Rak Wraithraiser. Together, they pass many floor tests and ascend to the next level/floor.

The character development of all these three characters is explored individually and as a group too. Along the way, they start learning more about their pasts, desires and new abilities.

Bam’s relationship with Rachel remains his sole underlying motivation for climbing the tower. The complexities of their relationship are explored through numerous flashbacks as the series progresses. It induces a strong emotional reaction in us to watch Bam confront his past and future while battling loneliness and his personal demons.

III. Themes

One of the main themes the anime series Tower Of God revolves around is the paramount importance accorded to friendships and community belonging. The series elaborates on the undeniable necessity of the need to chase one’s goals in life with the help of allies and friends.

am’s earnest desire to search for Rachel reflects his desire to give back to her who taught him a lot of useful things. As such, in his journey, he meets loyal and humble allies who help him along the way and vice versa.

Another important theme lies in the way with which Tower Of God approaches complex philosophical and moral dilemmas and issues.

It does so in a way that acknowledges the greyness of morality and the inevitable collateral damage. The tower itself stands as a metaphor for various layers of success. If you watch this show, you are going to leave the screen as a changed human being.

IV. Setting

The plot of the entire story is set inside the tower itself. The tower is an enormous building which houses a multiple number of diverse ecosystems and nation-states.

To reach the top of the tower where the king resides, one needs to pass the difficult tests of each floor. Also, each floor is approximately the size of the North American continent.

V. Theme Songs and Music:

The theme songs and music are fine. They are not the best and could be better. They merely perform the task of starting off the episode with some music.

3. Final Thoughts

Overall, the anime looks like it is going to deliver some pretty good stories. I assure you that it is packed with amazing action sequences, emotional and comedic moments.

It is definitely worth your precious time. It is one of the few contemporary anime shows which will go down in history.

Is Tower of God any good? Is it Worth Watching? A Complete Review

4. Grade

Tower of God 4/5

Story: A+

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: A-

Music: B-

5. Info Card

Tower of God

Air Date: April 1, 2020-PresentStatus: OngoingNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 13

6. Watch Order

A watch order is absolutely not necessary for this show Tower Of God. There are no filler episodes yet.

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