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SERVAMP – Is there a possibility of the anime getting a second season?

The supernatural shenanigans Mahiru and Kuro get up to in Servamp are an absolute joyride to watch. All the characters were a total hit with fans – they really pulled at our heartstrings! And once that first season wrapped up, everyone was left yearning for more. 

It’s been seven years and I’m still itching for more of that feline cuteness. Unfortunately, the chances of getting another season aren’t very promising.

There’s no official news about Servamp getting a second season. The manga is ongoing, with a lot of material left to adapt. But given that it’s been seven years since the anime was released, it’s doubtful we’ll see another season soon.

SERVAMP - Is there a possibility of the anime getting a second season?
Servamp Vol 2 Cover | Source: Fandom

Excitement is brewing among the devoted fans of Servamp once again, as the manga is set to enter its final arc in the spring of 2023.

1. What chapter does the Servamp anime end on?

Many Servamp fans switch to the manga after watching the anime, as there is no second season in sight. Moreover, the anime didn’t do the manga justice – it cut out so much of the original plot that it felt rushed and mediocre.

The Servamp anime’s final episode concludes in Chapter 39 of Volume 8 of the manga. However, the anime adaptation skipped over most of the manga’s content. Notably, the entirety of Volume 4 was omitted, and episode 12 was mostly anime-original.

SERVAMP - Is there a possibility of the anime getting a second season?
Servamp Vol 8 Cover | Source: Fandom

If you want to continue the Servamp story after the anime, I’d suggest returning to the manga’s beginning or at least a few chapters earlier. The anime skipped so much that the last episode and the arc finale in the manga are two different tales altogether. 

2. Is the “Servamp: Alice in The Garden” movie canon?

Servamp fans were stoked when they heard about a “big announcement” for the series in 2017. People were hoping for another season, but it turned out to be an anime film adaptation instead. It wasn’t what fans expected, but it was still good news.

The movie Servamp: Alice in the Garden is canon. It covers the untold parts of Arisuin’s story arc, which were present in the manga but not included in the anime. The events occur before the Greed Pair’s introduction, shedding more light on the story’s plot.

SERVAMP - Is there a possibility of the anime getting a second season?
Servamp: Alice in the Garden | Source: Fandom

It is a 58-minute-long sequel to the first season. If you enjoyed the anime, the movie would surely be worth your time. 

3. Servamp Manga Enters Its Final Arc

With the release of each new volume of Servamp, the manga has gained a significant following. Fans have gotten highly invested in the characters and their journey.

The Servamp manga series will reach its final arc with the release of its 20th volume in the spring of 2023. It has been serialized in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Gene magazine since April 2011.

SERVAMP - Is there a possibility of the anime getting a second season?
Servamp Vol 19 Cover | Source: Fandom

It’s a bittersweet moment for fans as they anticipate the final volume’s release. Still, it’s also an exciting time as they hope for a satisfying and memorable ending to the series.

4. About Servamp

Servamp is a manga series by Strike Tanaka. It has been serialized in Monthly Comic Gene, a shoujo manga magazine, since 2011. The anime TV adaptation of the series consists of 12 episodes.

Mahiru Shirota, a 15-year-old boy, picks up a stray cat on his way home from school and names it Kuro. He soon discovers that Kuro is a lazy shut-in vampire who transforms when exposed to sunlight.

Through a series of events, Mahiru forms a contract with Kuro and is drawn into a dangerous battle between supernatural servants and bloodthirsty beings.

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