Is Solo Leveling getting an anime? Sign the petition today!

Could Chu-Gong’s Solo Leveling receive an anime adaptation? Will we finally be able to see Sung Jin-Woo’s journey from an E rank hunter to an S rank, and maybe more, animated?

Will this series become the next most popular adaptation of the season like Tower Of God? All your answers are down below!

1. Is there a Solo Leveling anime?

Solo Leveling manhwa webtoon is expected to get an anime adaptation to be released in the Fall of 2021. petition for Solo Leveling anime began a while ago and now has 144,000 signs out of 150,000. A trailer for Solo Leveling season 1 has also surfaced.

With a fully completed web novel and a 100+ chapter manhwa, i.e., enough source material, fans worldwide are desperately hoping for Solo Leveling to hit the screens.

2. What is Solo Leveling about?

Portals with monsters have started appearing on Planet Earth. The Hunters (people who obtained mysterious powers after invasion) are part of several guilds that deal with cleaning and closing these portals. This action can only be accomplished by knocking down the final boss.

solo leveling anime seaosn 1
Sung Jin-Woo, Solo Leveling

If they fail, the portals will eventually open up, allowing monsters to massacre humans. Sung Jin-Woo is known as and quite literally is the weakest hunter in the world.

But one day, after completing a quest present in a terrifying dungeon, he acquires the unique ability to be able to “level up” and becomes a player. The only way to fulfill all his goals is to become a powerful hunter. Will he succeed with the help of this new system?

3. Is Solo Leveling anime cancelled?

Since the webtoon of Tower of God has been animated, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Solo Leveling receiving similar treatment.

Fans are still looking forward to the announcement of the anime adaptation of Solo leveling. When Webtoons released a Solo Leveling trailer hinting at the manhwa being adapted into an anime, it seemed like the anime adaptation may be just over the horizon. But unfortunately, no official news regarding it has been released yet.

Webtoon 『俺だけレベルアップな件』 trailer ver2 Japanese ver.

Many fans believe that because of the portrayal of Japan in a negative light in the manhwa and web novel, the chances of it being adapted into an anime has decreased significantly.

Nevertheless, with a gigantic fanbase spreading worldwide, they have taken things into their own hands. They have started a petition asking Netflix to adapt the manhwa into an anime. More than 120,000+ signatures have been collected so far, and only a total of 35,000 more are needed for anime studios and Netflix to consider the petition.

So, if you have not signed the Solo Leveling anime adaptation petition yet, make sure to head over to and sign the petition.

4. Solo Leveling Light Novel

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel written by Chu-Gong. It was published by D&C Media under their Papyrus label and later serialized in Kakao’s content platform KakaoPage. The novel has been licensed in English by Webnovel under the title Only I Level Up.

It has about 270 chapters, with the last twenty being extras. The novel is more in-depth and detailed compared to the Manhwa.

Since the novel is complete, there is no need to wait for updates like we have to with the webtoon adaptation.

Reading the web novel while waiting for the next season of the webtoon will definitely not disappoint.

5. Solo Leveling Webtoon

Not long after the official serialization of the novel, the series was picked up by Jang Su-Rak of REDICE STUDIO and Gi So-Ryeong.

Together they released a webtoon published in KakaoPage. The webtoon has become very popular with its outstanding fight scenes and intense mysteries. It can stand shoulder to shoulder with the all-time popular webtoons.

With more than one hundred chapters, the Solo Leveling manhwa is full of color and an artistic style that pays attention to the smallest details. The pacing, settings, and dialogues ultimately add to the mood of the manhwa.

The webtoon adaptation concluded season one on March 19, 2020. So far, there is not much info on season 2 of Solo Leveling, which is assumed to begin mid-May.


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