Is Peter Grill And The Philosopher’s Time Any Good? – Review

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time (Pītā Guriru to Kenja no Jikan) is based on a Japanese ecchi fantasy manga series by Daisuke Hiyama. An anime television series adaptation by Wolfsbane premiered on July 10, 2020.

The series is based on the story of Peter Grill, “the strongest man in the world” and the unexpected situations he faces because of his title.

1. Quick Review

The protagonist of the series, Peter Grill, is the world’s strongest fighter.

Is Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time worth watching? - Review
Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time

What he didn’t know was that all this fame and recognition comes with an extremely weird and unforeseeable consequence: Women and monsters from all over the world now want to have super strong babies with the strongest man in the world.

Thus begins his harem adventure. In a typical situation, Peter’s character would certainly make the most of the attention that he’s getting from so many women and even take full advantage of the situation.

However, he is engaged to Luvelia Sanctos, the love of his life, and has no intention of cheating on her.

Nonetheless, getting so much attention from other attractive women overwhelms him and puts his self-control on a check. So ultimately, it comes down to the choices.

He can either give up on his current relationship with Luvelia for the sake of guilty pleasures or he can bear the pain of resisting the attention he’s getting and be faithful to his fiancée.

Peter Grill’s plotting and character descriptions seem really basic to create any emotional investment, and its visual execution is that of an awfully generic fantasy setting.

2. Info Card

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time

Air Date: July 10, 2020 – PresentStatus: OngoingStudio: WolfsbaneNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 2

3. Is It Worth Watching?

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time is ultimately a comedy, ecchi anime with a lot of nudity and really bad character writing.

Is Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time worth watching? - Review
Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time | Source: Fandom

If you are interested in watching a show simply to wile away time and not be emotionally invested in the story or its characters, then this is just for you.

I. Plot

The series revolves around Peter Grill, who is described as an adventurer and the “strongest man in the world.” He has a fiancée named Luvelia Sanctos with whom he swore to spend the rest of his life with.

Due to the popularity Peter’s received for his title, various other women are aware of him and want to bear his children so that they can have the strongest child in the world.

As a result, Peter has to do everything in his power to avoid all of them and their manners of temptation. He must do so in order to remain faithful to Luvelia, the love of his life.

II. Characters

Peter Grill is the main character of Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time. He is described as an adventurer and has been dubbed “The strongest man in the world”.

The story progresses with the many consequences that Peter faces because he carries this title.

We are then introduced to Luvelia Sanctos who is Peter’s fiancee. Peter loves her and wants his relationship with her to work, but is frustrated by her innocence.

She is introduced as someone who is so naive that she is unaware of the concept of sex and still believes that storks bring the babies to our world.

Luvelia’s love for Peter is strong enough that she is willing to cut ties with her father who disapproves of their relationship.

Due to Peter’s status as the strongest, many characters arise in the show such as the sisters Mimi Alpacas and Lisa Alpacas who both want to bear Peter’s Children so that they may have the strongest child in the world.

III. Setting

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s time is set in a generic fantasy with dull artwork and seems to be following the monster girl trend by presenting a narrative where all sorts of extraordinary ladies want to claim the opportunity to bear Grill’s children.

Is Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time worth watching? - Review
Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time Poster

IV. Theme Songs

The opening song for the series is “Tsuranuite Yuuutsu” by Yui Ninomiya. The song has a funky, music from the 90’s vibe to it. The visuals shown in the opening pretty much sum up the basic plot of the entire show.

“Yoridokoro” by Hilcrhyme is the ending song for the anime. The music has a pop genre theme to it and is definitely one of those songs that can be listened to on repeat.

4. Grade

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time 2/5

Story: A-

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: A-

Music: A

5. Final Thoughts

The script for Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time can be appreciated for at the very least coming up with a variety of ways to say scandalous words without actually saying them for the most part which is kind of entertaining.

The music is the only compensating feature, with the ending song giving us a pop/rock hit song.

The show is a mess in terms of the plot, art/animation, and even the characters seem so generic that there is nothing unique enough to remember this show by.


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I will say this review is very well written. And in being a review it also an opinion. In being an opinion there will be opposing ones. That being said I am offering such.
I believe the anime is better than the review projects. I do agree the characters aren’t as developed as they could be, but I think this is due to the short run time. They attempt to cover 1.5 chapters of the manga in a fifteen minute run time.
The anime itself though is rather entertaining though. I feel that fans of more ecchi comedy animes, like myself. Or even people who feel that animes like Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ are trash animes, like myself. Well, people who fall into those categories will enjoy this anime. In fact they may even recognize it for the true art that it is!

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