Is Matt Damon Joining Thor: Love and Thunder?

Local news agencies in Australia have reported that Bourne Ultimatum actor Matt Damon has arrived in the country to begin filming for MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder. After multiple delays, the Taika Watiti-directed film is scheduled to start filming and Damon has joined the cast in a private facility, where they are quarantining as per Australia’s travel regulations.

The fourth Thor movie was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. It is based on The Mighty Thor comic books, where Thor becomes unworthy of lifting Mjolnir and Jane Foster, instead, takes on Thor’s mantle. It was announced at Comic-Con 2019 that Natalie Portman would be returning to the franchise to play Jane Foster, and Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson were reprising their role as Thor and Valkyrie.

Is Matt Damon Joining the Cast of Thor 4?
Thor: Love and Thunder’s Announcement at San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel had released a surprise list of actors who would be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder during the pandemic lockdown. Since Thor got on well with the Guardians after being introduced to them in Avengers: Infinity War, some Guardians actors are participating in Love and Thunder- Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Sean Gunn will have cameos in the film.

The big bad in The Mighty Thor storyline is Gorr the God Butcher and former Batman star Christian Bale has been cast as the character.

According to Australian news reports, Matt Damon has been quarantining with the cast but Marvel has yet to announce anything about the actor joining the film. Of course, his visit to Australia might be entirely recreational since the Damon family often spends their holidays in Australia with Chris Hemsworth’s family.

However, the actor was already a part of Thor: Ragnarok, where he was a random Asgardian who played Loki in a dramatic play used to entertain Asgardians. Given Taika Watiti’s humor, Damon might reprise the same role in Love and Thunder.

What do you think? Do you think Matt Damon will be seen as his character from Thor: Ragnarok? Or do you think he will have an extended role in Love and Thunder?

About Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is a MCU movie and the fourth installation in the Thor series. It is directed by Ragnarok’s director, Taika Waititi, and will show Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman reprising their roles as Thor Odinson and Dr. Jane Foster.

The movie will be based on The Mighty Thor comics in which Thor Odinson loses the ability to lift Mjolnir, and Jane Foster takes on the role of Mighty Thor. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor teams up with The Guardians of the Galaxy for a short time, leaving Valkyrie as the ruler of New Asgard. But Thor returns to team up with Korg, Valkyrie and Jane’s Mighty Thor to take down Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) – before he takes out all the gods in existence.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson return for Watiti’s second go, while Russell Crowe and Natalie Portaman join Taika’s project for the first time. The movie is out on July 8, 2022.

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