Exploring Kirito’s link with Accel world and whether Kuroyukihime is his Daughter

Kirito’s battle prowess and character development have made him quite popular among the fans of the Isekai genre. Speaking of the Isekai genre, another name that pops up is “Accel World.”

Accel World seems to be similar to Sword Art Online, as they belong to the same universe.

It’s just that SAO took place way before Accel World, which can be seen as the Nerve Gear evolves into the Neuro Linker in Accel World.

In this article, we will explore if Kirito is in Accel world and if Kuroyukihime is his daughter.

1. Is kirito in Accel World?

Kirito, or Kirigaya Kazuto, is not a character in Accel World; he only appears in a short story in Accel World’s Light Novel Volume 10, chapter 3, or the Manga’s 18th chapter, where he had a battle with Silver Crow (Arita Haruyuki).

Kirito is SAO’s protagonist; after all, he would be around 40-50ish by the time Accel World takes place.

2. Is Kuroyukihime the daughter of kirito?

Kuroyukihime is not Kirito’s daughter despite the similarity. In fact, the mangaka, Reki Kawahara, has denied it himself on various occasions.

We get why fans tend to get confounded about this topic, I mean, despite her similar appearance, Kuroyukihime seems to love the color black, just like Kirito.

Is kirito in Accel World? Is Kuroyukihime Kirito’s daughter?
Kuriyukihime | Source: Fandom

Coincidentally, the Brain Burst system assigned her to the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus.

In addition, both Kuroyukihime and Kirito have exceptional battle prowess and agility using a dual-sword fighting style.

Is kirito in Accel World? Is Kuroyukihime Kirito’s daughter?
Kuroyukihime | Source: Fandom

Something that fans miss out on is the detail that Kuroyukihime didn’t choose this dual-blade fighting style herself.

She was taught by Graphite Edge, the former leader of the Black Legion, Nega Nebulus.

Well, the mangaka confirmed that they aren’t related; over that, Accel World mentions that Kuroyukihime comes from a dysfunctional family.

Meanwhile, Kirito and Asuna’s bond is too pure to have such an imbalance and treat their kid in a traumatic manner.

Is kirito in Accel World? Is Kuroyukihime Kirito’s daughter?
Yui | Source: Fandom

In fact, Kirito and Asuna already have an adorable child, an artificial intelligence called “Yui,” not a biological one, as they didn’t have an opportunity in SAO’s main timeline.

3. About Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec.

The series occurs in the near future and focuses on the protagonist “Kirito” Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna Yuuki as they play through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds.

At the launch of the game, 10,000 people had connected themselves to the virtual reality of Sword Art Online. The plot takes a twist when people realize that they can’t quit the game.

Protagonist Kirito, a pro gamer and was present for the beta launch of SAO, starts planning to clear levels as soon as possible. Throughout his quest to finish the game, he meets many friends and also a love interest, Asuna.

The plot and the whole premise of the show are remarkably unique and quite believable in some futuristic sense.


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