‘Who Made Me a Princess’: Is Jeanette Margarita the Villainess?

Jeanette Margarita is a supporting character in ‘Who Made Me a Princess?’. She is also the protagonist of a fictional novel called ‘The Lovely Princess’. She is one of the sweetest and most angelic people in the entire series.

However, in the initial phases of the manhwa, she is mostly assumed to be a villainess as she was indirectly the cause of Athenasia’s death! As the series progressed, we got to know her better and we found out that she was one of the cutest persons who couldn’t harm a soul!

Let’s find out more about Jeanette and the reasons why she was assumed to be the villainess!

Jeanette is not a villain in ‘Who Made Me a Princess?’, instead she is one of the major supporting characters. She is a kind and naive person who was used by her father, Anastacius, to get to Claude.

Why was Jeanette considered to be a villainess?

In the original timeline, Claude found Jeanette and adopted her while he abandoned his daughter. She was able to gently charm Claude and melted his ice-cold heart. Claude even went on to kill Atty as he thought she was responsible for Jeanette’s death.

Most people assumed that Jeanette was a white lotus and a villain as she was indirectly responsible for Atty’s death. They assumed that she was the one who schemed the entire situation!

However, that wasn’t the case, Jeanette was truly a kind soul who only craved a family. She genuinely loved Atty and considered both Claude and Atty, her family!

Who is the actual villain in ‘Who Made Me a Princess’?

Jeanette’s father, Anastacius is the true villain who used his daughter’s innocence as a tool to carry out his evil plans.

He acts fatherly towards Jeanette and when that doesn’t work, he resorts to using black magic and risks breaking her soul. He even promises to keep her secrets. When she tells him that she is of Royal Blood, he pretends to not know and instead promises to keep her secret.

He then uses her trust to try and get to Claude but after finding out her definition of family he starts to warm up to her!

'Who Made Me a Princess': Is Jeanette Margarita the Villainess?
Anastacius, The True Villain of ‘Who Made Me A Princess?’ | Source: Fandom
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