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Is ‘Have A Good Trip’ Worth Watching? Worth Your Time? Full Review

star-studded line-up of celebrities recounts their hilarious and horrifying experiences with different narcotics.

Donick Cary’s 85-minute compilation of interviews, sketches, and re-enactments mingled with phenomenal animation and swirly visuals is a riot.

Bound to be a favorite among those that indulge in narcotics of various kinds, this Netflix original documentary also has something for the skeptics as actors, doctors and musicians line-up to entertain, inform, and perform. Does this documentary leave you in high spirits? Read on to find out.

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Cary’s ability to extract embarrassing details from red-faced stars makes for an entertaining and fresh perspective on drugs.

Have A Good Trip Netflix
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The vast roster ensures that there is something for everyone, and even though some misadventures are treated lightly, this documentary proves drugs can be both hilarious and harmful.

Is it Worth Watching?

We’ve all heard comedians and celebrities describe their experiences when they were under the influence of drugs. A common feeling that one gets when hearing all these stories is that one had to be there — a part of that moment to relate to the content.

showbiz and sitcom veteran Donick Cary manages to break down some of those barriers in his Netflix original ‘Have A Good Trip.’

Having previously worked on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Simpsons, New Girl, and Parks and Recreation writer-producer, Cray puts together a massive collection of talent.

A bevy of actors, musicians, and comedians combined with Cray’s light-hearted humor and ability to elicit hilarious anecdotes shed a warm light on the shady world of psychedelics. This allows the audience to connect and relate with the content as they feel “Celebrities Are Just Like Us.”

The Interviews 

From A$AP Rocky’s tale of ejaculating a musical rainbow to Rosy Perez doing a topless backstroke on a wooden floor, the interviews are packed with several hilarious laugh-out-loud moments. Veterans of the industry and household names like Carrie Fisher, Ben Stiller, and David Cross are left red-faced as they recounted times when they were not at their mental and physical best.

Although there are some cautionary tales and experiences that can be classified as “Bad Trips,” they are played for laughs and not treated seriously. The series stays firmly in the realm of comedy, but there are some experts on the Panel. Dr. Charles Gobb talks about the use of hallucinogens in the treatment of anxiety and mental disorders.

Watch Trailer Here:

Have A Good Trip | Official Trailer | Netflix

Deepak Chopra and Zach Leary, son of the famous American psychologist Timothy Leary, also lend their opinions on the use of psychedelics in the medical industry.

Interspersed Technicolor animations not only enhance the trippy vibe of the interviews but also provide an extra dimension to the excellent storytelling. There are also various re-enactments with the stars and Sugarshack Animations does a phenomenal job with the visuals.

Apart from ensuring that people have a good trip, the series also helps in providing a level-headed view of the world of hallucinogenic substances. As the roster highlights the fun and exciting effects of LSD or Mushrooms, it also sprinkles in tales of caution with descriptions of nightmarish worlds and gloomy days.

Seeing famous household names talk about their experiences helps to de-mystify the conversation around substances still classified as Schedule 1 narcotics in the US.

They also campaign for the legalization of these drugs for personal wellness without suggesting that this is the only way to re-connect with nature or attain nirvana.

The documentary saves the best for the last ending with a parody of an 80s after school special titled ‘Bad Trip.’ Adam Scott grimly narrates the tale of 4 teenagers forced into doing hard drugs as the outrageous comedy takes shape. Everything that can go wrong does and it leaves the viewers with a smile on their face in the very end. There is a subtle message about careful use broadcast throughout the narrative as this old afterschool special plays out.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that the theme combined with the visuals and actions performed under the influence of psychedelics will appeal to that group of people more who themselves partake in the use of similar drugs.

A veteran of working in the comedy business Donick confessed to leaving hours of footage out of the final cut putting only the best on-screen.

Cary has managed to create an atmosphere in which one can enjoy their favorite stars discussing some of their most embarrassing moments without thinking much of it.

The series will not give you a more in-depth insight into the psychedelic industry or technical knowledge about how exact drugs impact your body, but it will provide you with plenty of stuff to laugh at.


Have A Good Trip 3/5

Story: A-

Cinematography/Animation: A+

Direction: A-

Info on Have a Good Trip

Have A Good Trip

Air Date: 11th May 2020Status: FinishedStudio: NetflixNo. of Seasons: 1No. of Episodes: 1

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