Fallon’s Devastating Pregnancy News Revealed in Dynasty S5

Fallon and Alexis have a very strained relationship in Dynasty. This is why them being trapped in a panic room together in S5 Ep 12 screams anything but “There’s No Need to Panic,” which ironically was the title of the episode.

Lucky for us, the situation does set them up to be open and vulnerable with each other. Alexis talks about her fears about loving and losing Dex to the point that it encourages Fallon to confess to her that she may be pregnant.

Is this for real? Will Fallon be having a baby in Season 5?

Fallon is not pregnant in Dynasty S5. In Episode 12, Fallon reveals to Liam that she can no longer get pregnant because of a scar tissue injury caused by her gunshot wound. The couple then chose to have a baby via surrogacy.

As delicate as those moments were between the mother and daughter, the episode only takes a turn for the worse for Fallon with every passing scene.

First, she is informed that her pregnancy test was a false positive—so no, she is not pregnant. Next, the doctor tells her that she may never be able to have a baby.

Why? We have S4’s finale to blame for it. Remember when Eva was trying to shoot Liam and accidentally hit Fallon instead? Well, this very gunshot wound has caused a scar tissue injury that renders Fallon barren.

Dynasty II 5x12 II Fallon may be pregnant

This news is quite devastating, especially because Fallon and Liam were very keen on becoming parents. The fact that the injury was caused by the gunshot (a point of constant tension between the two in S5) does not help the situation either.

But there are plenty of options available for couples wanting to start a family, and hence they decide to go in for surrogacy.

Of course, Fallon Carrington wouldn’t be the perfectionist that she is if she didn’t spiral into a frenzy of having a surrogate mother who’s the cream of the crop.

So even when she finds a suitable candidate in Stacey, she feels the need to micromanage. When Fallon sabotages Stacey’s personal activity of going on an archaeological dig, it seems like she is (once again) being too controlling.

Fallon’s Devastating Pregnancy News Revealed in Dynasty S5
Fallon | Source: Fandom

But it may be in good measure to monitor Stacy—in Episode 17, Stacey gets close to the problematic Adam when he narrates a sob story about his own single mom, playing to Stacy’s soft spot, but leaving out the part that he killed her.

Stacey is a kind soul who eats up this story and kisses him without realizing how dangerous Adam can be.

Right now, there’s no telling what Adam’s intentions are about Stacey, but it is clear that part of it stems from wanting to annoy Fallon. Cut it off Adam, the heiress has had enough on her plate already!

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