Constellation Season 2 Update: Has the show been cancelled?

Apple TV+’s Constellation is ending its initial trip in the Twilight Zone. On Friday, after its break, the streaming service announced that it was ceasing the new factual series after just one season. 

This news was released nearly six weeks after its first episode was screened at the Theatre of Dreams.

Apple TV+ has opted not to continue with a second season of “Constellation,” its sci-fi psychological thriller series starring Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, reports Deadline. 

The news comes a month after Constellation‘s eight-episode first season wrapped its run on March 27.

The habit of providing series without endings has been rampant for so long that it gets on viewers’ nerves.

What Is Constellation About?

The box office hit “Constellation” stars Rapace as Jo, who, after getting involved in an accident while on a mission to Mars, returned only to find out that she could not account for some parts of her life.

This sci-fi rollercoaster ride delves deep into twisted realms of the human mind, examining how one woman will stop at nothing to unveil an undercover past of cosmic travels with the aim of retrieving hers.

Constellation is directed by Emmy Award winner Michelle MacLaren (Shining Girls, The Morning Show, Breaking Bad), Oscar nominee Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, The Experiment), and Oscar nominee Joseph Cedar (Footnote, Our Boys).

According to ComicBook, in an interview about the series, D’Arcy said something makes this show exceptional and uncommon. He was able to write this because Peter Harness is very smart. It works within the context of being human. I am always in my head, so I either worry or look forward to it before or after it. I am never present”.

But when I’m living in those other places, I’m worried about paying the bills or excited that I will win the lottery or whatever it is, I’m there. 

I go to those places in my head; it feels very real. I think Peter has allowed us to show certain situations from different angles, which you don’t normally get in a drama. That’s not normally how television works. It’s a real privilege to be involved in something that looks at life slightly differently.”

Constellation Season 2 Cancelled by Apple
William Catlett in Constellation (2024) | Source: IMDb

How does Constellation Season 1 End?

 Constellation’s ending scene shows that Jo, who was previously left behind on the ISS by Paul, is somehow still alive. In the scene, she still has the fatal injury she had sustained after the ISS accident, making it hard not to wonder how she is still alive. 

Although Constellation episode 8’s credits start rolling before anything else about her is revealed, some early moments from the series might have answers. 

Constellation introduces several scientific concepts throughout its runtime, but its plot primarily focuses on a fictional representation of quantum superposition.

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About Constellation

Constellation is a sci-fi psychological thriller television series created by Peter Harness, based on a concept by Sean Jablonski. The first season was released on 21 February 2024, beginning with the initial three episodes.

It stars Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D’Arcy, Julian Looman, Henry David, William Catlett, and Barbara Sukowa. In May 2024, the series was canceled after one season.

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