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Is Code Geass good? A Complete Review

The anime Code Geass has a lot to offer to the viewer. With its amazing plot, dazzling visuals, mecha robots and a fast-paced narrative, Code Geass promises one of the most exciting storylines.

With this information, it is not surprising that it has done brilliantly with the audience. Also, it has received accolades at the Tokyo International Anime Fair and Animation Kobe event.

Read on to help you decide if you should be watching this anime or not!

1. Quick Review

The anime Code Geass is packed with intense fight scenes that involve a lot of science fiction, robots, and blood-filled violence.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Official Trailer
Code Geass Trailer

It also does a commendable job of highlighting classical moral and ethical dilemmas that have wide significance in our society. This skillful juxtaposition makes for a great watch.

2. Info Card

Code Geass

Air Date: October 6, 2006-September 28, 2008Status: CompletedNo. of Seasons: 2No. of Episodes: 50

3. Grade

Code Geass 4/5

Story: A

Cinematography/Animation: A

Art: B

Music: A

4. Is it worth watching?

The anime is notable for the way it approached the unique plot. There are a lot of unexpected plot twists and turns, which can often make your blood boil. With an awesome narrative, great dialogues and good strategizing, Code Geass will make sure that you fall in love with it.

I. Plot

Code Geass is set in a fictional timeline and fictional universe divided into three main superpowers: the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinese Federation, and the European Union. The plot follows a focal event that ruptured modern-day Japan in the fictional timeline.

The Holy Britannian Empire invades Japan in 2010 and subjugates the Japanese nation-state with the help of their ultra-strong weapon, the Knightmare Frames. With this dramatic turn of events, the Japanese citizens are stripped of their rights and subjected to brutal atrocities that know no bounds.

Is Code Geass good? A Complete Review
Code Geass

The series follows the main characters, Lelouch Vi Brittania, to the present, where there is a strong resistance movement being led by the Japanese against the Britannian Empire. However, their efforts are primarily outmatched, and so they have to rely on guerrilla tactics.

The plot moves on an even and steady pace, which helps the viewers appreciate each character’s complexities and absorb what is transpiring in the episodes. It is riddled with a lot of fight scenes and violence, which help lend a sense of urgency and excitement to the story.

Also, if you find the violence and blood-filled gory scenes triggering and mentally disturbing, proceed with caution. This series features a lot of dead, injured bodies piled on top of each other, frequent deaths of characters and blood. All of it can be a huge turnoff for people who hate it, while for gore fans, it can be an added bonus.

The entire tone of the anime is dark, morbid, and violent. The comic relief that helps viewers breathe a sigh of relief, is from his interactions at school, where he hides his identity as the leader of the resistance movement.

II. Characters

The character of Lelouch Vi Britannia is a remarkable and interesting one. He is exceptionally skilled at strategizing and fighting his enemies as if he were playing a game of chess.

Is Code Geass Worth Your Time? Should you watch it?
Code Geass

As the anime progresses, we are introduced to a multitude of characters from school classmates to mad scientists, who eventually become allies and enemies alike. Lelouch’s character’s decision to rise up against his own father’s empire paints his role as someone who values morality and righteousness over mere blood ties.

One extraordinary aspect of Code Geass is that it doesn’t categorize characters as “good” or “bad.” Both the Yin and Yang aspects of their personalities are equally highlighted. This aspect of the anime helps to infuse it with great emotional depth and adds much needed philosophical qualities to the many questions it asks the viewers to ponder over.

III. Art

One annoying thing about how the characters have been drawn is in their peculiar figures and outlines. Sometimes, even some characters are the exact same, with the only basis of distinction being the color of their hair or hairstyles.

Is Code Geass Worth Your Time?
Code Geass

The entire setting and crafted landscape is intricately drawn and provides the perfect backdrop for the events to take place. Also, the mecha robots’ character designs are very well done, and watching them fight with cool superpowers is one of the main attractions of the anime!

5. Final Thoughts

The anime does have some interesting and unique concepts and plots that provide credence to it. It’s crude and intense fight scenes are delightful.

The theme music and soundtrack serve as perfect brackets within which each episode covers certain events. If you can handle all the blood, destruction, and violence while highlighting philosophical issues, you will also like Code Geass.

6. Watch Order

A watch order won’t be necessary.

Is Code Geass good? A Complete Review
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