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Is Asta Going to Become the Demon King Rather than the Wizard King?

Black Clover’s chapter 278 is out, and the fight scenes have become engaging. Yuki Tabata is known for bewildering Black Clover fans with twists and turns.

The introduction to different devils has made the fans scream with anticipation. After the revelation of Yuno being a prince, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tabata announces Asta will become the Demon King.

To end the Clover Kingdom discrimination, Asta wants to become the Wizard King. It is unlikely that he will give up this goal. Still, we cannot say that Asta won’t become the Demon King and the Wizard King together.

Tabata always throws crazy outcomes over which fans are left with their mouth open, so let’s see some theories of Asta becoming the Demon King.

1. The Otherworld

Devils are malevolent beings who reside in the otherworld. They are ferocious and stronger than humans and elves. The otherworld works on a hierarchy based system.

The otherworld is a tedious place to pass their time, and devils indulge in actions that trample on those more vulnerable to them. The weaker ones are harassed and bullied.

Will Asta Become the Demon King?
Black Asta | Source: Fandom

It won’t matter if the victims of this harassment is a devil, human, or elf. The king or the highest-ranking devil is presumably Lucifero, Dante’s devil. 

The devils cannot enter into other realms unless a sacrifice is made or a possessor of a four-leaf clover grimoire falls into despair.

For Asta to become the king, Liebe is the key that connects him to the otherworld.

These are some popular theories amongst the fandom on Liebe and how he can rule the otherworld.

I. Liebe Is the King of the Otherworld

Liebe is the Anti Magic Devil that is possessing Asta. There is little to no information on Liebe or his powers. Lichita, Asta’s biological mother, raised Liebe.

Will Asta Become the Demon King?
Liebe: Anti Magic Devil | Source: Fandom

He was amongst the targeted devils who would continuously face the backlash from other devils. Since his physical appearance was that of a very young child when Lichita adopted him, we can assume he recently came into existence.

The high-ranking devils threw him out of the gates of the otherworld, expecting him to explode into pieces and die. However, he survives in the human realm and meets Lichita.

It proves that Liebe is someone special. There is a possibility that his powers were not awakened yet. Even though none of the devils we have met so far have recognized Anti Magic Devil- Liebe, there are chances that the devils themselves are not aware a new King is born.

Anti Magic is a unique power, and it can be invincible if it is appropriately exercised. If this theory is correct and Liebe is the real king, it ultimately makes Asta Libe’s host a king as well.

Ⅱ Liebe Is Astaroth

Tabata is known for referencing real-life instances in his Manga. Many Greek myths, history, books about demons have inspired him.

Similarly, the devil character Lucifero is inspired by Lucifer, one of the crown princes of hell. This theory suggests that Liebe is Astaroth.

Will Asta Become the Demon King?
Liebe | Source: Fandom

Astaroth in demonology is the great duke of hell. So if we consider this connection here, Liebe would be a part of the direct line inheritor. Lucifero was the one who threw him out of the otherworld to get rid of the potential candidate for the seat.

Lucifero claims that he doesn’t know who Liebe is, but he might be lying about it. Liebe can officially take over his seat. His perfect motive can be revenge against Lucifero, who killed Lichita.

Of course, if Liebe becomes the king, Asta will also become the king since they can’t separate from each other’s bodies.

2. If Lucifero Is Defeated, Who Will Be the Next King?

As mentioned earlier, the otherworld works on a rank-based system. Lucifero is the highest-ranking devil. If the Dark Triad is defeated along with their devils, the ruler’s positioner will be empty.

Megicula, Zenon’s devil, and Zagred are also high ranking devils. Zagred is already defeated. We can also assume that he is already dead.

Will Asta Become the Demon King?
Lucifero | Source: Fandom

Lucifero intends to wage war with the Tree of Qliphoth, which will summon several hundreds of devils.

He wants to control the human realm by mass murdering more than half of the human population.

To stop his diabolical plan, he needs to be defeated or killed. If Liebe and Asta defeat the leader, they will be the supreme being who can take over Lucifero’s position as a ruler to rule over other devils.

3. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. Since February 2015, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

It follows young Asta’s story, a boy born without any magic power whose ambition is to become the Wizard king.

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