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Is All Might dead or going to die?

A question has been buzzing in the minds of My Hero Academia fans since Season 3 came to a close. Now, the manga readers may be ahead of us in what they know but that won’t stop us from theorizing with the facts we have!

Quick Answer

His symbolic death is already upon us but will he die? Possibly yes. The two most important factors are, with All Might being there, Deku cannot become a man of his own. Also, we can’t deny that All Might did go against Sir Nighteye’s prophecy.

Sir Nighteye’s Prophecy – Season 4

The preview for the upcoming 4th episode of season 4 “Fighting Fate” has left the fans in anticipation as to what the story has in store for All Might. The preview lasts for just a few seconds and shows us Midoriya’s reaction to a startling revelation. Midoriya seems choked up and is seen struggling with the knowledge of All Might’s future as seen by Nighteye. Of course, the anime has kept this juicy detail for the next episode. But even a layman can conclude that All Might’s fate is dire. This sad fact could easily mean that death or a critical injury is sewn into All Might’s fate.

Episode 67 of the My Hero Academia revealed a shocking prophecy for All Might as Sir Nighteye used his quirk, i.e, Foresight to look into All Might’s future, and reveals that All Might will one day fight against a villain, will lose and die an “unspeakable death.” But does that actually mean that All might will just give in to his fate?

What is Kai Chisaki’s Quirk?

All Might had initially accepted the foresight without question, and as such thought that he was going to die in the fight with All For One. But given how Young Midoriya was fighting for everything, All Might refused to give up on his life! And so the two of them are going into this scary future together.

Is all might dead or dying?

All Might vs All For One – Season 3

Season 3 cooks up some interesting events by the end where All Might is forced to face All for One after Bakugo is kidnapped. With All Might possessing half of his power, his defeat is inevitable. But what comes as a huge shock is a fact that All for One takes All Might’s quirk. Season 3 ends with All Might becoming quirkless and his decision to retire from his hero duties. Season 1 began with the glorification of All Might and how his actions have positively affected the world so, therefore, it is hard to imagine what a world without All Might would bring. This builds more pressure for Deku to step up as his successor.

Despite the powers of the main characters as opposed to the heroes of the world, the focus has always been on the main characters. The anime manifests itself on the thought that the newer generation is the future and the present. Even the number one hero of the world will get dethroned as the world is full of anomalies and growth. What doesn’t change is the symbol of hope and peace a hero brings. That’s what a hero is. Therefore, All Might’s fate was sealed. He was never going to be the number one hero for the rest of his life. The purpose of his life was to guide and nourish the younger generation to take his place and provide the world with a beacon of hope. 

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Will All Might Really Die?

The comfort the people take in All Might’s “Watashi ga Kita” or “I am here” will not last long, and that comfort will have to be found in someone else. His injury was already a ticking bomb for his fate. All Might is probably going to die – but his death need not be in terms of physicality but also in terms of what he was and what he represented. His retirement may just be it.

However, currently, Deku is the only holder of One for All – which is what makes things real now for the show. With All Might there, Deku will remain emotionally dependent on him. You can’t be a hero if you don’t have confidence in yourself. As seen after All Might’s injury, he was plagued by insecurities and doubt in his abilities. This coincides with the period where his status as a hero has lead to his retirement.

A hero confronts himself in the moments where it is only he who can push himself. When someone pulls the rug under your feet, you fall and Deku needs that fall to come back up with more force. It might seem cliche but My Hero Academia does not shy away from its cliches. Although All Might might not die anytime soon, the anime has started breaking the cocoon of All Might’s comfort and protection – which we should do too. If he does die, that is going to be one emotionally heavy episode!

my hero academia season 4 updates

About All Might

Throughout the seasons, we come to learn that All Might possesses the power of One for All, which he gives to Deku, who is his successor. This One for All has a purpose to defeat a powerful villain All for One. All Might has been hailed as a hero yet what Deku discovers in season 1 is the decline in All Might’s health and power. His ability to hold his hero form has reduced considerably. This created the urgency for All Might to choose a successor. The One for All’s transferable power is what makes it the perfect weapon against All for One. As the generations go by, the power inherits the powers of its predecessors making it even more powerful.  Further, into the story, it is revealed that the cause of All Might’s deterioration is All for One. His previous fight with All for One has left him weakened.

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