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Multimedia Franchise Irodorimidori Reveals Short Anime for January 2022

What if there was a way to get extra credits without studying or doing additional assignments? Well, Irodorimidori is a story that explores the fantasy of every struggling student in the world.

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Maigahara Senior High is a prestigious music school, and such a reputation and honor are accompanied mainly by intriguing rumors.

The word is that whoever puts up a good enough musical act at the school’s annual festival gets extra credits mysteriously added to their scorecard.

After giving us a fantastic manga series and game, the franchise has again come up with something special, and I think you can already guess what it is.

The multimedia franchise Irodorimidori has revealed a short anime series in the works with a cheerful key visual. The anime is scheduled to release on January 5, 2022. 

Short animation “Irodorimidori”

TV broadcasting will start on January 4! !!


Every Tuesday from 25:00


Every Thursday from 22:00

Amazon Prime Video

It will be delivered sequentially on various distribution sites such as!

The official website is also open.

ON AIR, STORY, CHARACTER, CAST & STAFF information has been released!

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The visual features the protagonist Serina Akesaka with her band members, clicking a selfie during their rehearsals. The band is called Irodorimidori and consists of Serina, Aliciana Ogata, Nazuna Tennouzu, Nagi Kobotoke, and Naru Hakobe.

Serina is the typical musical anime protagonist who’s always energetic, supportive, and hyping everyone up, but she lacks in her studies and grades.

Multimedia Franchise Irodorimidori Reveals Short Anime for January 2022
Irodorimidori | Source: Crunchyroll

So naturally, when she heard of the extra credits rumor, Serina began to put together the Irodorimidori band and started working towards the performance of the year.

While we’re at the characters, let’s look at the amazing cast lineup for the anime:

CharacterCastOther Works
Serina AkesakaEmi NittaHonoka Kōsaka (Love Live! School idol project)
Aliciana OgataAyaka FukuharaRin Shibuya ([email protected] Cinderella Girls Theater)
Nazuna TennozuAyano YamamotoNae Tennōji (Steins;Gate)
Nagi KobotokeKaoru Sakura Chiko Sekino (Dropout Idol Fruit Tart)
Naru HakobeM.A.OYukari (Teasing Master Takagi-san)
Multimedia Franchise Irodorimidori Reveals Short Anime for January 2022
Irodorimidori | Source: Crunchyroll

Along with the cast, the franchise also revealed the staff working on this upcoming anime:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorChihaya TanakaRemake Our Life!
Series CompositionRei IshikuraThe Titan’s Bride
Character DesignTakeshi Satō, Kaori Gotō
Music ComposerD.watt
Animation StudioAkatsuki

It might sound like yet another cliche musical anime, but it is so much more. The characters are sometimes so realistic, and you relate to them on a whole different level.

The anime is perfect to binge on a winter day in your blanket, but unlike its story, you won’t get any extra credits for it :’).

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About Irodorimidori

Irodorimidori is a multimedia franchise consisting of both manga and audio dramas. The manga was first released in July 2015, features the band Irodorimidori from Sega’s rhythm arcade game Chunithm.

The plot is set in the musical school Maigahara Senior High, where the rumor is that students can get extra credits if they put up a well enough musical act at the annual festival. Serina Akesaka forms a band to perform at the festival to increase her grades.

Source: Irodorimidori Anime Official Website

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