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Human Collection Truck, Horror Anime All Set to Fuel Your Nightmares!

Urban legends, unlike classic horror stories, can have a relatively longer effect on the human mind. Familiar settings and relatable characters engaging in day-to-day activities are some of the features why this genre is so popular. The recently released anime “Human Collection Truck” is the latest addition to a series of shows which explore such dark themes. 

The anime is a collection of fictional narratives of a group of people who encountered a black truck. While the vehicle looks like an ordinary garbage collecting truck, it is a machine that collects and punishes human beings who have indulged in illicit activities in the past.

The first episode of Human Collection Truck recently premiered on Ciao Channel’s official YouTube channel.

[Anime] The end of my sister who has become a twin sister … “Human Recovery Vehicle” [Manga / Manga Video]

A new episode will air every Friday at 17:00 JST (UTC+09:00) on YouTube. The show is currently available only in Japanese and English subtitles will be available soon.

Sorajima Studio, which primarily releases its work on YouTube, looks after the production. The anime is based on the “Ningen Kaishusha” manga by Aki Sendo. So far, 11 volumes of the manga have been published since 2012 in Shogakukan’s Ciao Deluxe magazine.

The first episode is almost eight and a half minutes long and follows the story of twin sisters Yuna and Rina as they try to escape from the mysterious human collection truck and its crazy driver. The background music plays a significant role in increasing the horror element of the show.

This anime is undoubtedly one of the most underrated gems in the horror genre. And we cannot wait to find out what happened to the other people who encountered the mysterious truck!

About Human Collection Truck

Human Collection Truck by Aki Sendō launched in Shogakukan’s Ciao Deluxe and Ciao Deluxe Horror magazine in 2012.

The “urban legend horror” manga centers on a mysterious all-black waste collection truck that appears out of nowhere.

However, instead of collectIng garbage or discarded appliances for disposal, it picks up “useless” people. The manga has various stories about such people and their encounters with the truck.

Source: Official Website of Shogakukan

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