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How To Watch the Blood Series? – Complete Watch Order

Blood-thirsty monsters roam on earth, and humanity’s only hope of survival is a girl named Saya.

The Blood franchise consists of three different versions of realities that take place in the same universe at different periods.

All of them, however, share the same dark themes, bloody action sequences, and a protagonist named Saya.

The animation in all three parts is quite different. Still, all of them are beautiful and sends shivers down the spine when they display their horror elements.

Complete Watch Order of Blood

If you love anime where a badass female lead hunts down blood-sucking creatures that are absolutely not Vampires, you should really check out the Blood franchise!

1. Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Blood+ (2005)
  • Blood-C (2011)

II. Movies

  • Blood: The Last Vampire (2000)
  • Blood-C: The Last Dark (2012)


  • Blood-C: None-None Gekijou (2012)

IV. Specials

  • Blood-C: Special Edition (2012)

V. Chronological Order

  • Blood: The Last Vampire
  • Blood+
  • Blood-C
  • Blood-C: The Last Dark
  • Blood-C: None-None Gekijou
  • Blood-C: Special Edition

2. Conclusion

The recommended order to watch the Blood franchise is its chronological order.

All the Series are standalone, and even if you watch Blood-C before Blood+, it won’t matter. Blood+ is considered to be better in terms of story and characters, so it’s better if you watch it before Blood C.

Blood+ Trailer

3. Are All The Series In The Blood Franchise Connected?

All the Series in the Blood franchise take place in the same universe at different times.

The movie, Blood: The Last Vampire took place in 1996. Blood+ and Blood C are the alternate versions of the film. The stories in each part are standalone and very different from each other.

Complete Watch Order Of Blood
Blood-C | Source: Funimation

The common link between all the parts is that they have a main character with the same name, Saya.

Their personalities are different, and the only thing they share is the same hair color (black) and similar hairstyles.

There are other recurring characters in similar roles throughout the Series as well. Still, overall, the stories are quite different and have their own unique elements.

4. About Blood

Blood: The Last Vampire is set in a world where beasts known as the teropterids infest our planet and kill humans to drink their blood.

Saya, a mysterious girl, is one of the best teropterid slayers. She is sent to a U.S. army base that is endangered due to the evil creatures.

Blood+ revolves around Saya Otonashi, an ordinary girl living an ordinary life with her foster family who doesn’t remember most of her past life.

Things go crazy when she suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation. She gets attacked by a blood-thirsty creature and gets saved by a mysterious man called Haji.

After a strange turn of events, she joins an organization that aims to demolish these creatures off the face of the earth.

Blood C is about Saya Kisaragi, schoolgirl by day, and a demon slayer by night. She soon receives a ceremonial sword by her father and defeats all the monsters that haunted her village.

Her perfect life goes haywire when she starts receiving strange visions that reveal some dark secrets of her seemingly peaceful village and an oath that she must never break.

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